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Yovonovitz, Patricia

Total Winnings: $2,023

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1Dells Spell Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WI2015/10/1615000B6 of 6-Standard0530530
2Dells Spell Main EventWisconsin Dells, WI2015/10/17 - 2015/10/1867000D11 of 14-Standard530824625
3Bloomington Fall TourneyBloomington, MN2015/11/21 - 2015/11/2267000C8 of 14-Standard625862689
4PINKEYE TournamentBloomington, MN2016/01/16 - 2016/01/1796010C4 of 13$100Standard6891042849
5REDEYE TournamentBloomington, MN2016/01/16 - 2016/01/1788000B5 of 10$50Standard8491008908
6Twin Cities Spring ScrabbleTwin Cities, MN2016/04/02 - 2016/04/0376000C5 of 14-Standard908981924
7Springtime in Decorah - SaturdayDecorah, IA2016/05/1434010B5 of 7-Standard924945926
8Springtime in Decorah - SundayDecorah, IA2016/05/1533000B4 of 8-Standard926884922
9Madison Summer TourneyMadison WI2016/06/10 - 2016/06/12117000C5 of 10$18Standard9221006944
10Dells Spell Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WI2016/09/2333000B2 of 4$40Standard9441068956
11Dells Spell Main EventWisconsin Dells, WI2016/09/24 - 2016/09/2584010C2 of 9$110Standard9561184999
12December ScrabbleTwin Cities, MN2016/12/03 - 2016/12/0492020C1 of 9$180Standard99915091088
13Let's PLAY one DAY in MAYTwin Cities, MN2017/05/2132010B2 of 9$40Standard108811661093
1434th Annual Dells Spell Tournament (Southern Edition)Middleton, WI2017/10/28 - 2017/10/2967000C6 of 10-Standard10937891036
15Twin Cities Fall TournamentNew Brighton, Minnesota2017/12/02 - 2017/12/0366010B11 of 17$10Standard103612491071
16La Crosse 2018La Crosse Wisconsin2018/01/0614010A14 of 17$5Standard10717011049
17GREENEYE# 2018La Crosse/Onalaska, Wisconsin2018/03/17 - 2018/03/18176000C1 of 10$230Standard104912051095
18Scrabble and Baseball Road TripLancaster PA2018/04/19 - 2018/04/22512000A10 of 12-Standard109510731093
19Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2018/05/0553000C3 of 8-Standard109310191086
20Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2018/05/0624000C6 of 6-Standard10869261072
21Madison Summer TourneyMadison, WI2018/06/02 - 2018/06/0377010B6 of 11-Standard10729931055
22Twin Cities AugustTwin Cities, MN2018/08/18 - 2018/08/1975000C3 of 10$110Standard105510811061
23Portland, Oregon Early BirdPortland, OR2018/08/3144000D4 of 8-Standard10617771029
24Portland, Oregon Main Event TWL3Portland, OR2018/09/01 - 2018/09/03154010C1 of 17$350Standard102914091122
25Wisconsin Dells South EBMadison, WI2018/10/1231000D1 of 6$40Standard112213981136
26Wisconsin Dells South MainMadison, WI2018/10/13 - 2018/10/1458000B9 of 12-Standard113611521141
27GreeneyeBloomington, MN2019/03/16 - 2019/03/171211000B9 of 18-Standard11419821102
28Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2019/05/0444010B4 of 6-Standard110211911113
29Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2019/05/0542000C2 of 8-Standard111311571117
30Third Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripLouisville, KY2019/05/18 - 2019/05/21513000A9 of 10-Standard111710111097
31June ScrabbleEagan, MN2019/06/0108010B9 of 9-Standard10973681043
32June ScrabbleEagan, MN2019/06/0232010C2 of 7-Standard104311441050
33Word Cup 9 Early BirdCoral Gables, FL2019/07/1934000C6 of 8-Standard10508541030
34Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/241615000C18 of 38-Standard103010071025
35Dells Spells Southern EditionMadison, WI2019/11/02 - 2019/11/0347020B8 of 9$110Standard102510421028
36Palmetto Upstate ClassicGreenville, SC2020/02/15 - 2020/02/17128000C3 of 10$150Standard102811371059
37Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 1 -- NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/2943000D4 of 8-Standard105912341078
38Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 2 -- NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/3041000J2 of 10$50Standard107813391094
39Word Cup 2023 - NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/30 - 2023/07/041714000C28 of 95$300Standard109412241139
40Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 1Dana Point CA2023/08/1742000B2 of 8$80Standard113914471167
41Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 2Dana Point CA2023/08/1842000B3 of 8$50Standard116713111180
42Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 3Dana Point CA2023/08/1933000A11 of 16-Standard118014781203