WGPO Players FAQ

Do I have to join the WGPO in order to play in a WGPO tournament?

Membership is not required to play in a WGPO tournament, though we do encourage new players to join the organization.  Players who wish to have a published WGPO rating are required to join.

Membership in the WGPO is FREE.  Players can easily join by going to the website and clicking on “membership” on the main page.

What rules are used at WGPO tournaments?

To avoid confusion for players who also are members of another organization, WGPO uses the rule book employed there as a basis for judgment.  This book is not an absolute determinant.  A director, as the final authority, is encouraged to factor in fairness and common sense in making a ruling.

What dictionary is used at WGPO tournaments?

The official WGPO word list is Maliha Mahmood’s Word Judge 2 (WJ-2).  However, it is up to the individual director to decide which dictionary will be used at a tournament.  This information should be supplied in the flier advertising the event.  Most tournaments use some form of the OWL3 wordlist, but some may use Collins or the OSPD dictionaries instead.

What rating system does the WGPO use?

WGPO uses a rating system developed by Marc Levesque, the creator of the Director! tournament management system.  We will soon have a detailed explanation of the rating system on the website.

If I’ve never played in a WGPO tournament before, what rating will be used to seed me in a division?

If you’ve played in a tournament rated by another North American organization, your existing rating will be used to seed you.  This rating will also be used to calculate your new WGPO rating.

Will my WGPO rating have any effect on my other rating?

No.  Your WGPO rating is separate from other ratings.

Where can I go to find out about upcoming WGPO tournaments?

All upcoming WGPO tournaments can be found at the WGPO website: http://wordgameplayers.org/tournaments/upcoming-tournaments/

Are upcoming WGPO tournaments listed on Cross-Tables?

No.  Cross-Tables does not list any WGPO tournaments.  All upcoming WGPO tournaments can be found at the WGPO website: http://wordgameplayers.org/tournaments/upcoming-tournaments/

Will I be able to see stats and entrants lists at the WGPO website as well?

Yes.  We have our own automated ratings/players pages at the WGPO website.  http://wordgameplayers.org/ratings/index.php

How long will it take for me to get my new WGPO rating after the tournament is finished?

Tournaments are usually rated within two or three days after their completion.

Who can I contact to get more involved with the WGPO?

There are lots of volunteer opportunities for members who wish to get more involved with building the WGPO.  Please contact any member of the Executive Committee, BPR,  or any committee chair in order to find out where help is needed.