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How to Start a WGPO Scrabble Club

So you want to start a scrabble club? Fabulous! It’s the best game ever and WGPO shares your love of the game!

All you need for a club is a group of players and someone who basically helps schedule the group and secures a regular location to play. That person does not have to be a certified director. We will list your club on our website if you have a repeating event (like for example, every Monday at 4pm at the Starbucks on Main Street, something like that).

There is a big difference between tournament play and recreational play. Not everyone is interested in tournaments. You always want to make sure new players don’t get creamed by tournament players and lose their interest in club play. And iron sharpens iron – hopefully the players all improve their games the more they play. Maybe regular play drives an interest in tournaments? We’d love to have more tournament players!

Tactics others have used to get players:

  1. Facebook groups
  2. Community sites like
  3. which is terrific to find like-minded people

Places clubs often meet:

  1. Fast casual restaurants
  2. Coffee shops
  3. Tap rooms
  4. Local libraries – some have gaming rooms
  5. Church basements
  6. Community centers