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Tournament Entrants
Loveland, CO - NCSC & Denver & Boulder Scrabble Tourney

Total Number of Entrants = 20 (1 confirmed, 19 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameState /
1Shreve, Jon*CO1792
2Davis, James*CO1755
3Schultz, Wally*NM1654
4Hagel, Keith*CO1599
5Pries, Keith*CO1519
6Sherrill, Jim*CO1510
7Goldberg, DavidCO1494
8Scheimberg, Laura*CO1464
9Landers, Carrie*CO1335
10Thomas, Ronnie*MD1286
11Brown, David A*KY1260
12Lipka, Ron*CO1229
13Hatch, Andrea*CO1131
14Baranway, Phyllis*CO1127
15Wick, Margaret*CO1023
16Graim, Tom*CO972
17Spicer, Tina*CO868
18Whitaker, Janice*CO801
19Woodrick, Joan*CO792
20Coffey, Carol*CO479