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Tournament Entrants
Garden City Beach, SC - GRITS VIII
2017/09/25 to 2017/10/30

Total Number of Entrants = 15 (14 confirmed, 1 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameState /
1Dancho, AngelaCO1422
2Wade, MarciaIN1340
3Hembrook, NolaWI1276
4Kaye, JaniceMN1264
5Swaney, JuliaCO1248
6Atwood, MaryMN1202
7Hatch, AndreaCO1158
8Atchison, Carolyn*LA1141
9Dimmick, LindseyLA1139
10Saito Stewart, Patricia1110
11Shea, ColleenNY1102
12Becker, MaryWI1100
13Waldman, DianeCO1027
14Brown, MelissaMA1008
15Konkol, JaniceWI655