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Tournament Entrants
Garden City Beach, SC - GRITS VIII
2017/09/25 to 2017/10/30

Total Number of Entrants = 16 (16 confirmed, 0 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Dancho, Angela100448CO1422
2Wade, Marcia100495IN1387
3Hembrook, Nola100384WI1276
4Kaye, Janice100005MN1261
5Atwood, Mary100349MN1227
6Dimmick, Lindsey101128LA1201
7Hatch, Andrea100402CO1158
8Swaney, Julia100773CO1154
9Atchison, Carolyn101182LA1136
10Saito Stewart, Patricia01110
11Shea, Colleen100117NY1102
12Becker, Mary100398WI1081
13Waldman, Diane100924CO1027
14Brown, Melissa100017MA1008
15Grant, Peggy100022SC882
16Konkol, Janice100122WI655