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Tournament Entrants
Japan - Japanese Explorer Cruise
2018/09/30 to 2018/10/13

Total Number of Entrants = 11 (0 confirmed, 11 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Levin, Robin*100347CA1697
2Roland, Tobey*100143MD1541
3Rand, Larry*100084AZ1538
4Schulman, Betty*101292CA1349
5Wancel, Linda*100003NY1302
6Melvin, Cheryl*100145MI1300
7Gelb, Phyllis*100488NV1282
8Van Alen, Barbara*100283AZ1191
9Swank-Pitzer, Wilma*100493OH1172
10Scruggs, Wayne*100375GA1137
11Scruggs, Julia*100277GA978