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Tournament Entrants
Appleton, WI - Appleton One Day

Total Number of Entrants = 16 (0 confirmed, 16 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameState /
1Johnson, Mike*IA1613
2Finn, Lynda*WI1609
3Frankki, James*1592
4Hartsman, Steve*WI1584
5David, Michael*WI1582
6Benwitz, Bryan*WI1534
7Krohn, Patricia A*WI1385
8Bergmann, Warren*WI1227
9McCarthy, Marty*WI1213
10Siedschlag, Sue*WI1047
11Leeds, Chris*1045
12Salm, Gail*WI995
13Zarse, Mary*FL931
14Hope, Terry*WI695
15Griesel, Janet*WI658
16Martin, Janet*500