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Tournament Entrants
Loveland, CO - Loveland Single-Day Tourney

Total Number of Entrants = 24 (0 confirmed, 24 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Shreve, Jon*100897CO1912
2Goldberg, David*100892CO1741
3Davis, James*100948CO1690
4Schultz, Wally*100537NM1649
5Sherrill, Jim*101126CO1609
6Scheimberg, Laura*100131CO1529
7Brown, David A*100333KY1512
8Dean, Dustin*101277DC1500
9Dancho, Angela*100448CO1397
10Landers, Carrie*100943CO1274
11Thomas, Ronnie*101278MD1255
12Lipka, Ron*100925CO1232
13Swaney, Julia*100773CO1199
14Trickey, Gaye*100477CO1199
15Farwig, Corina*101386CO1153
16Baranway, Phyllis*100918CO1083
17Wilmot, Sonia*101384CO1067
18Graim, Tom*100921CO995
19Farwig, Hans*101385CO980
20Spicer, Tina*101256CO978
21Waldman, Diane*100924CO948
22Fox, Carolyn*101332CO797
23Peterson, Barbara*101272WY671
24Mccluskey, Caroline*100950CO590