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Tournament Entrants
Madison, WI - Madison Summer Tourney
2018/06/02 to 2018/06/03

Total Number of Entrants = 18 (0 confirmed, 18 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Reinke, Charles*100409WI1903
2Reinke, Thomas*100410WI1866
3Vaysberg, Jason*100499MN1631
4Benwitz, Bryan*101056WI1618
5Finn, Lynda*100130WI1524
6Stevens, Mary Aline*100099CA1521
7Gianikas, Alexander*0IL1490
8Smith, Samuel*100764IN1478
9Murphy, Kathleen*100627MN1216
10Carlson, David J*100199MN1149
11Yovonovitz, Patricia*101189MN1095
12Bergmann, Warren*101310WI1088
13Stratton, Linda*101105MN1070
14Salm, Gail*100394WI1037
15Ittner, Diana*100474WI1013
16Flores, Helen*100463WI893
17Ostrander, Diana*101297MN853
18Hope, Terry*101311WI701