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Tournament Entrants
Durango, CO - Four Corners Scrabble
2019/05/04 to 2019/05/05

Total Number of Entrants = 15 (4 confirmed, 11 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Schultz, Wally*100537NM1664
2Stevens, Mike100511UT1627
3Karris, John100077NM1571
4Smart, Gary*100238AZ1552
5Weiss, David*100057NM1500
6Hagel, Keith*100023CO1464
7Mancel, Nancee100258NM1431
8McCarthy, Anne*100811CO1366
9Hatch, Andrea*100402CO1296
10Swaney, Julia*100773CO1220
11Biswell, David*100865NM1201
12Anderson, Zana100465UT1156
13Spencer, Daniel*101393UT1107
14Waldman, Diane*100924CO1065
15Ross, Maurice W*100648NM732