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Tournament Entrants
Santa Rosa, CA - Words in Wine Country III, Saturday

Total Number of Entrants = 13 (3 confirmed, 10 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Julian, Vicky*101485CA1792
2Norman, Jack*100900CA1676
3Patterson, Kay100505CA1517
4Ortman, John*101489CA1496
5Koch, Evan*101423CA1449
6Jacobstein, Bennett*100297CA1429
7Knabb, Ken*101544CA1146
8Cannon, Marlena*101425CA1066
9Tremont, Thomas*101026IL1062
10Lifland, Alison101313CA1006
11Burritt, Gladys*101011CA996
12Rickhoff, Paul101244CA968
13Forman, Keith*101197CA968