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Tournament Entrants
Wells, Maine - 4th Annual Baseball & Scrabble Road Trip
2020/06/05 to 2020/06/09

Total Number of Entrants = 12 (11 confirmed, 1 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Odom, Lisa*100042MN1825
2Clark, Jeff100075MI1746
3Pellinen, Steve100041MN1736
4Johnson, Mike100803IA1628
5Hamilton, Ruth100282OR1541
6Galt, Fran100417MN1433
7Jacobstein, Bennett100297CA1429
8Atwood, Mary100349MN1307
9Swaney, Julia100773CO1285
10Wornum, Jesse100631OR1278
11Yovonovitz, Patricia101189MN1059
12Grant, Peggy100022SC990