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Tournament Entrants
Kailua-Kona - Big Island WGPO Tour - Main Event
2023/06/19 to 2023/06/21

Total Number of Entrants = 13 (2 confirmed, 11 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Pistolese, Mark*100784HI1850
2Johnson, Mike*100803IA1717
3Clark, Jeff*100075MI1663
4Hamilton, Ruth*100282OR1553
5Bayersdorfer, Mitch*101312OR1529
6Weiss, David*100057NM1517
7Hagel, Keith*100023CO1430
8Hatch, Andrea*100402CO1298
9Melvin, Cheryl*100145MI1270
10Morris, Maureen100592AB1159
11Swaney, Julia*100773CO1076
12Baggett, Deborah*101185CA945
13Yacht, Martha101799HI904