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Tournament Entrants
Madison, WI - 2nd Annual Midwest Major
2023/11/03 to 2023/11/5

Total Number of Entrants = 11 (3 confirmed, 8 tentative)

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Division 1
SeedNameMember IDState /
1Hartsman, Steve*100319WI1677
2Lindh, Jonathan*101093IL1636
3Hagel, Keith*100023CO1430
4Finn, Lynda*100130WI1377
5Murphy, Kathleen100627MN1373
6Geary, Jane*100279AZ1324
7Heiman, Samuel*101797MO1289
8Carlson, David J*100199MN1215
9Gibbs, Carol101055IA1208
10Hoehn, Susan*100026MN1175
11Swaney, Julia100773CO1067