We Know Reno

Royal FlushRick Wong will be spending the Fourth of July as he has for several years now, conducting a tournament at the Grand Sierra in Reno, Nevada.  This year’s event is shorter than previous ones, but we’ll cram in a lot of fun and excitement.  This is your chance to experience a full-fledged Reno tournament while taking a minimum amount of time away from work and family.

Details:  http://www.sjscrabble.com/summer15/

California has no drought when it comes to tournament fun

The PruneyardIt was bright and sunny but a bit cool, both inside and outside.  But the games at the Lester Schonbrun Memorial Tournament were hot and so was the San Jose Giants baseball team.

Photos by Marcia Wade, Steve Pellinen, Ruth Hamilton



Concentrationgames  Playing is serious business.  Director Steve Pellinen kept us on task.


RibsAt the ballgameBennett Jacobstein, author of The Joy of Ballpark Food:  From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine. treated us to barbeque and a ballgame.  The Giants won, 11-0.
LS Winners


Here are the tournament winners.  Jerry Lerman compiled an impressive 16 – 2 record.  Michael Machi won Division 2 with a 13-5 record.  Complete results:  http://wordgameplayers.org/ratings/index.php?c=pu&a=tr&tournamentID=380&ratingType=Standard

Yet another Lake Oswego tournament

LOACC 516We met at the local Adult Community Center this time for a quick five-game tournament.  Gunther Jacobi was the Division 1 winner, Kathy Sutrov was second, Keith Valentine third, Joanne Manson took the honors in Division 2, with Elizabeth Wood capturing second place.

Plan Ahead – Enjoy Summer in the Midwest

Madison Mallards mascot

Madison Mallards mascot

What could be a better summer experience than Wisconsin in July and Iowa in August?  The sunshine, the lush fields, the cattle and hogs!  And if you like water features, Madison, Wisconsin, has those lovely lakes and Decorah, Iowa, has the Upper Iowa River,  Best of all, there are tournaments promising friendly rivalry across the board.

The Madison tournament is July 10 thru 12.  Here are the details.

Decorah is hosting us August 14 thru 16.  See here.