Good Games in Lansdale, PA

LownsdaleFrom Winter:

The WGPO expansion into the Northeast continues with a few more players than last month’s King of Prussia tournament. Participants enjoyed the event and are looking forward to the next one, and eager to spread the word and grow this tournament.

Loveland Enchants

LovelandFrom David Goldberg:

We had a really fine day May 21 in beautiful Loveland,CO with 26 Scrabble warriors slugging it out for 8 hours straight – with no lunch breaks in sight! (We do play right through).  We welcomed out-of-state players Wally Shultz (NM), Dustin Dean (recently moved to Denver from DC), Ronnie Thomas (MD), Mary Parrish (recently moved to Colorado Springs from NV), and Barbara Peterson (WY). Barbara & Simon Turner played in their 1st tournaments – and made it through – so congratulations to both of them for taking the plunge with Barbara actually finishing in the money! 

One of our special prizes went for the best/most creative “Donald Trump” word, and it goes without saying that we had many entries – most of which cannot be mentioned in this space.

Our next tournament in Loveland is scheduled for Sept. 17.  Our Colorado Springs club will be holding their first tourney on Nov. 19th.  We’d love to see more out-of-state folks come join us in one of, if not THE, most beautiful states in the US.

Congratulations to Jon Shreve, James Davis, Wally Schultz, Dustin Dean, Gaye Trickey, Phyllis Baranway, Mary Logullo, Tom Graim, Margaret Wick & Barbara Peterson – all for being in the money.

Small but mighty

Div 1:  Rich (1st), Kathy (2nd).  Div 2 James (2nd), Leesa (1st)

Div 1: Rich (1st), Kathy (2nd). Div 2 James (2nd), Leesa (1st)

Our foray into West Linn, Oregon, attracted 8 players.  We played in groups of 4, with the top two in each group winning money. The winners are pictured here.

Tempe Enjoys Minder Binder


Larry and Sarah

Larry and Sarah

From Laurie Cohen:

During the February Phoenix tournament, a group of us had lunch at the quirky iconic Tempe restaurant called Minder Binder. The new owners were quite fascinated by our group of Scrabblers. They asked us if we would consider holding a Scrabble tournament there and three months later, the Tempe One Day Scrabble tournament @ Minder Binder was a reality. The tournament was a fun event attended by 22 people, including Leslie Millard who flew in from Houston and Allie Farmer who played in her first tournament. Division 1 was won by Mike Wier with Travis Carlson taking second and Sarah King taking third. In Division 2, Barbara Van Alen was the winner with Karin Somerville and Louella Wier taking second and third, respectively. In division 3, Bobbie O’Boyle took the top prize with Zach Simon coming in second. High game, high loss, and a prize for the highest word containing MB were awarded in each division. Despite a computer glitch (actually a computer death), it was a really fun night with good Scrabble, good food, and friends.MinderBender3


Don’t look up!

Division 2 winners with Laurie

Division 2 winners with Laurie

MinderBender 1



Division 3 winners with Laurie

Division 3 winners with Laurie

Division 1 winners with Laurie

Division 1 winners with Laurie

Happy Birthday!

From Mike Johnson:

Decorah 2What better way to celebrate a birthday than playing scrabble with friends! This past weekend, Mike Johnson hosted two one-day tournaments in Decorah, Iowa complete with birthday cake on Saturday. 16 players played a total of 96 games over two days. Winners are below:

Decorah 1
Saturday, May 14th:

Division 1: Mike Johnson, Lynda Finn, Dave Postal (performance)

Division 2: David Carlson, Janice Kaye, Brad Williams (performance)

Sunday, May 15th:

Division 1: Mike Johnson, Lynda Finn, David Carlson (performance)

Division 2: Deanna Stacy, Carol Gibbs, Maria Friedman/Lynn Wolter (tie: best over seed)