Albuquerque Scores a First

Nancee Mancel

Nancee Mancel

Little did Nancee Mancel know when she agreed to direct last weekend’s tournament in Alburquerque that she’d be the first to submit results using the new WGPO rating system.  This presented some unexpected challenges, but with help from Marc Levesque and Larry Rand, she was successful at getting the tournament rated in a timely fashion.  The system worked as expected, and Marc and Larry, as well as Nancee, learned a few things in the process.

It appears that I”ll be the next to submit results here (for the May 16 Lake Oswego, Oregon, tournament).  I especially appreciate the pioneering effort.  Thank you, Nancee, Marc, and Larry.

By the way, in the tournament Wally Schultz was first with 11 wins, Keith Hagel second with 10, and Nancee came in third.  See complete results under “Past Tournaments”.

Tournament Listings and Ratings have a new look

Announcement from Larry Rand of the WGPO Executive Committee:
WGPO is delighted to announce its new, improved system for rating tournaments. The method of calculating ratings has not changed since Brian Galebach (thank you, Brian) first designed the system.  But now, the process for submitting and reporting results has been simplified.
Marc Levesque

Marc Levesque

Since early March, Marc Levesque has been designing this new system in conjunction with Dominick Mancine, ratings chairman; Henry Yeung, technology chairman; Dave Wood, tournament director; and Winter, a member of the ratings committee.  Ruth Hamilton, a member of the Board of Player Representatives, and I have been a part of the process and provided feedback as the program was being developed and tested.  A new member of the ratings committee, Mike Johnson, provided additional feedback during the testing period.

A “Director User’s Guide” is available upon request for all WGPO directors.  Please send your request to  for a copy of the new guide.  We welcome your comments.
We want to thank the players who competed in WGPO tournaments during February, March and April for their patience.  The new system will allow our ratings committee members to provide you with results and stats in a timely manner.
WGPO is an all-volunteer organization.  We want to thank Marc for his time, dedication and expertise.  He did all this work without a stipend from WGPO.
Marc is also the designer of the Director! tournament pairings program.  We would encourage all directors who are using Director!, to consider sending a monetary gift to Marc after the completion of their tournaments.
Play often, play fair, and have fun!

Portlanders enjoy za with the new lexicon

Portland PizzaSunday, April 12, we loaded the “Custom” lexicon into the challenge machine and enjoyed six games along with our pizza.  Gary Waltuch won all six of his games to take first place in Division B.  Charley Kaplan was first in Division A, winning 5 games.

Zyzzyva 2014

Word Cup 2015 – Less than five months away

Lan Su Chinese GardenFifty-four players have already paid their fees for the 31-game Main Event, to be held September 5 – 9.  This is shaping up to be our biggest Word Cup to date.  We’re serious about our games, but we’re building in some fun, too.  Come early and take a day trip to the Oregon Coast September 4.  We’re taking the afternoon off on Sunday to encourage a excursion via light rail to such sights as the Lan Su Chinese Garden, pictured here.  For more information, click on the Word Cup entries on the left side of this screen.

New Words – They love them in Wisconsin and Iowa

From Mike Johnson:


Here we are playing at our home in Decorah

Thanks to everyone for making the New Words Tournaments this weekend such a great success.  Here are the results.

La Crosse:
Div A  1st: Joe Gaspard, 2nd: Jason Vaysberg, 1st Performance Prize: Lynda Finn, 2nd Performance Prize: Mike Johnson, Best Upset: Carol Dustin
Div B: 1st: Paul Kyllonen, 2nd: Carol Gibbs, Best Upset: Barbara Besadny
Also congrats to our new player Lynn Wolter who earned her first WGPO tournament win this weekend.
We were able to raise $100 for The Center: Seven Rivers LGBTQ Connection as part of our event. Thanks to Ron Malzer and the UU Fellowship for kindly hosting us on Saturday.
Decorah:  1st: Jason Vaysberg, 2nd: Mike Johnson, 1st Performance Prize: Barbara Besadny, 2nd Performance Prize: Carol Gibbs, Best Upset Prize: Brad Williams (Barbara did upset Jason in the #10 over #1 game)
It was wonderful having everyone over to our new home with the great snowy view.
Here is a list of some of the new words we played this weekend:
Thanks to everyone who came, to those that donated special prizes (Mary Krizan and Lynda Finn) and especially to Jarret for all his help with lunch and logistics while we were playing! I will make sure to let everyone know when I plan another event.
Mike Johnson

It’s Springtime In Tigard

Einstein and UsIt was warm and sunny outdoors, but a bit chilly inside.  Nonetheless, we toughed it out.  Einstein looked on as a dozen of us faced off for six games.  Dave Johnson won Division A, Chris Mazucca won Division B.  Players contributed $60 to Word Cup V.