A Great Day in Loveland

From James Davis:
Last SaturdayMay 19, Dave Goldberg directed another successful one-day tournament in Loveland, Colorado. Among three divisions, 26 wordies played eight games. In Division A, everyone in the top three finished with a 5-3 record. James Davis took home 1st with a spread of +248, followed by Jon Shreve in 2nd with +148, and Dave Goldberg in 3rd with +54. Division B’s top finisher, Carrie Landers, finished with 6-2, +384, followed by Diane Waldman in 2nd with 6-2, +14; Corina Farwig in 3rd with 5-3, +113; and Tom Graim in 4th with 5-3, -55. Division C’s first-place finisher, Joan Woodrick, had the tournament’s only 7-1 record, with a +452 spread; following her were Hans Farwig in 2nd with 6-2, +728, and Janice Whitaker with 6-2, +334. Full results are available here.
Everyone but Phyllis
image.pngStanding, from left to right: Corina Farwig, Hans Farwig, Janice Whitaker, Joan Woodrick, Diane Waldman, James Davis, Dave Goldberg, Jon Shreve, David Brown (fun-prize winner), Carrie Landers, Tom Graim. Seated: Barbara Peterson (fun-prize winner)

Word Games and Baseball – What a Combo!

The third annual Baseball/WGPO road trip has just concluded.  We lucked out with the weather this year – viewing four games in a gorgeous Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Springtime.  Unfortunately, only one of the home teams won.

Between games, we played an 18-round tournament and enjoyed a visit to the Buffalo Trace Distillery, a drive along the Old Frankfort Pike Scenic Highway, a geocaching adventure, and a tour of the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  Kudos to Bennett Jacobstein for organizing another great experience.  Tournament results:  3rd Baseball

Pictures from Peggy Grant.

May Play in Lake Oswego, Oregon

IMG_3382This month, we went back to Lake Oswego for a 5-game tournament.  It was a sunshiny day and we were in a room with windows overlooking a garden, so we got to enjoy it while playing.  The winners are pictured here.  Gunther Jacobi finished 5-0, +673.  P. K. Gott and Mitch Bayersdorfer went 4-1, but P. K. bested Mitch on spread – 466 vs 453.  Rich Moyer was our director and finished in 4th place.  Photo by Scott Smith.

New Words for Collins™ Too!

Dear Friends,

The updated international wordlist (aka Collins™ or CSW19) is now available, and we at WPGO are excited to start using the newly added words like EW, OK, and ZE. To match other organizations around the globe, WGPO will start using CSW19 at all WGPO tournaments and clubs using the international lexicon effective July 1st, 2019. This means that CSW19 will be used for the Collins™ division at Word Cup 2019 in Coral Gables, FL. Of course, this update will have no effect for the majority of our players that solely use the North American lexicon (TWL).

Freely downloadable copies of programs using CSW19, including Collins Zyzzyva, are available at


Happy studying to all, and see you with the new words in Coral Gables!

*Collins™ and its wordlists are owned by HarperCollins.

Four Corners Plus in Durango


Everyone but Zana

Some of us came from Maine and Oregon, but most drove to Durango from homes in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.  It was a beautiful Spring weekend, and what better way to celebrate than with a tournament atop a pseudo-mesa with a playing room open to the view.  I hope Mike Johnson’s Iowa tournament was equally celebratory.  Maybe he’ll share with us.

Photos from Zana Anderson and Gary Smart.  Thanks to both.  And a big thank you to Ann McCarthy for organizing and directing.  Superbly done!


Everyone but Gary

Everyone but Gary

Fun Prize Winners

Ann with Fun Prize Winners Keith, Laurie, Mary

Division 1 winners

Ann with Division 1 winners.  John Karris won with a 12-1 record

Division 2 winners . Ann placed first with 10.5 wins

Division 2 winners . Ann placed first with 10.5 wins

Detailed results at:  Durango19

Cruising, Cruising

From Larry Rand:

Cruising Players

What could be better than visiting seven countries in 15 days and not having to do any driving, or making your bed!  Barbara and I led a group of 30 on the Celebrity Constellation.   On the six days we were at sea, twenty players competed in our 24 game Scrabble tournament.  [Roy Kamen won 20 games in Division 1, while Betty Schulman and Barbara Van Alen topped Division 2 with 18 games, Betty edging Barbara on spread.  Results at BestofIndia.]

The differences in the countries we visited were notable, but the vast majority were much the same.  Religion played a major role in each country, so we got to see many temples, churches, museums, and palaces.
Our private excursion to Agra, and the Taj Mahal, was a highlight for the majority of our group. Our tour guide, Sanjay, was excellent.  Check that one off the bucket list!
The seven countries that we visited were Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Oman; India; Sri Lanka, Thailand; and Singapore. Before the cruise, Barbara and I stayed three nights in Abu Dhabi.  We experienced the Grand Mosque, Louvre Art Gallery, and a sand dune ride.  Oh what a ride it was!  In Dubai, we went up the tallest building in the world (2,717 feet), the Burg Khalifa.  In India, we spent most of our time focused on getting to and from Agra and the Taj Mahal.  On our last afternoon, we took a tour of Delhi.  In Sri Lanka, we toured some of the areas away from the center of Colombo.  Less than a month after our visit, Colombo experienced a terrorist attack on churches and hotels.
 In Thailand, Buddhawe toured a cashew factory, Big Buddha, a Buddhist Temple, and we watched the sunset over the waters of Promthet Cape.
Our last port of call was Singapore, an island city state.  Compared to all of the other countries that we visited, Singapore was the most city-like in appearance, with major banks, hotels, and numerous food and entertainment opportunities.  Barbara and I took a wonderful narrated tour of Marina Bay.  A number of guests in our group extended their stay in Singapore.
We have pictures and captions of our land and sea tours at vanrandtravel1.smugmug.com   You can also obtain more information about our future cruises at wordgameplayers.org  “upcoming tournaments.”
We always enjoy your feedback – larryrand@cox.net or vanrandtravel@cox.net