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Website Updates

Membership System Changes

A new membership system has been instituted to replace the old system. WGPO members wishing to get all the benefits of the new system will have to register a new account. Among these benefits:

  • Directly sign up for tournaments – skip the email to the director (although you can still email the director if you want!) (note that, during launch of our new website, online signup for tournaments is temporarily disabled while we migrate our directors over to the new system)
  • Modify your own membership information directly – if you move to a new state, you can make that change and have it immediately reflected on your player profile
  • You’ll be in good position to take advantage of future improvements as we implement them. We hope to provide online payment of tournament entry fees in the near future.

WGPO’s former membership system was based on the forum software phpBB3. phpBB3 was not suited to be the primary membership system for a growing organization, and it was difficult to integrate into WGPO’s custom-built rating system. It would have been a significant technical challenge to migrate accounts from the old membership system into the new, hence our request for all existing WGPO members to sign up again. When you create your new account, we will link your account to your WGPO player profile, if it exists.

The WGPO membership and rating systems are now one in the same, making it significantly easier to manage going forward.

Changes for Directors and Administrators

The tournament director interface has gained a lot of new features, but they are top secret and cannot be disclosed here!

Thank You

Thank you for supporting WGPO and for your understanding as we continue to make large updates to our website and our operations.

WGPO Tech Committee
Charles Reinke
Thomas Reinke
Conrad Bassett-Bouchard
Will Anderson