WGPO Tournament Expectations Draft Document ready for review

From Helen Flores:

WGPO Members,
Happy 2019! Your Board of Player Representatives requests review and comment on the draft document at this link:  http://wordgameplayers.org/tournaments/word-cup-2018/wgpo-tournament-expectations. We hope that it will provide useful advice to those who are unfamiliar with the strict requirements of tournament play. It specifies the extremely rare instances when certain types of behaviors result in disciplinary action. Please provide your frank comments by February 15. Send to helencflores@gmail.com or any other current member of the Board of Player Representatives. Thank you.


Tournaments will use updated word list beginning February 1, 2019

Dear WGPO Members,
In light of Merriam-Webster’s most recent update to the OSPD in 2018, the WGPO BPR/EC has approved the use of the new word list for use in all WGPO tournaments effective February 1st. Many clubs will start using the new word list starting January 1st. There might yet be some minor corrections addressed in near future, however, we expect that the new word list is basically in its final form. This change does not affect any tournaments using the international Collins lexicon.
The Board of Player Representatives of WGPO
The Executive Committee of WGPO

Holiday Specials

Players in Englewood, New Jersey, and Lake Oswego, Oregon, celebrated with tournaments today.  Tempe, Arizona, gets into the holiday spirit this weekend.


Division 2 second place finisher Kathy Sutrov next to winner Alan Meyer.  She’s playing Betty Cornelison, who finished third.

In Lake Oswego, 12 of us participated in a 5-game tournament held at the local adult community center.  We had two divisions of 6 players each.  The number 4 seed won in each division.  That was Alan Meyer in division 2.  I was exceedingly lucky and won division 1, Gunther Jacobi was second, and our versatile director Rich Moyer was third.

Congratulations to Howard Baldwin, who in his first tournament earned a rating of 1107.


Alice Van Leunen and Gunther Jacobi.

December One Day Fun Day Results

From Lynda Finn:

image18 players came to play on this short notice tournament. No prizes were awarded, but players brought pot-luck lunch items and gifts to exchange for various fun prize categories. Bryan Benwitz went undefeated in the 7-game Round Robin, Steve Hartsman was second, winning 6 games. Full results on WGPO and Director! websites.

WGPO Annual Election is Completed

All candidates were unopposed.  Out of 143 registered voters, 102 ballots were cast.  No candidate received more than 87 votes, however.

Elected to the Executive Committee:  Deborah Baggett.  Deborah is new to the board.

For the Board of Player Representatives:  Susi Tiekert and Bennett Jacobstein.  Both are returning members.

All positions are 2-year terms, effective January 1, 2019.

Details:  https://vote.electionrunner.com/election/DZhaG/results.

Thank you to all new and existing board members for you willingness to serve.  And thank you to Election Committee members Lynda Finn and Winter for making the election happen.

Vote Now For WGPO Boards

WGPO annual elections have begun. You should have already received your
WGPO ballot from Electionrunner.com if you registered to vote last year. If
you did not receive an email with a ballot please contact
elections@wordgameplayers.org with your email address.  If you would
like a paper ballot instead you can email  elections@wordgameplayers.org
requesting such and providing your street address.

All ballots must be submitted by Dec 14.