Outdoors in spite of the rain

Lake Oswego had its first measurable rain in weeks, but Elizabeth Wood played outdoors anyway.  Here she is (back to camera) with host and Division B second-place finisher Scott Smith and with first-place finisher Joanne Manson.  Elizabeth finished third.

Scott and Elizabeth

Joanne and Elizabeth


Alice Van Leunen opted to play indoors and won Division A.


We love Wisconsin

Lynda Finn organized a delightful tournament, providing a great excuse to spend time in the Upper Midwest.  Summer is beautiful there this year – not too hot, and the cornfields look fantastic.  Sorry, I neglected to take a picture of the corn growing, but here are some other photos.

Full results are at http://wordgameplayers.org/ratings/index.php?c=pu&a=tr&tournamentID=373&ratingType=Standard

Lisa Odom (center front) breezed to a Division 1 win. Carol Dustin, Thomas Reinke, Ian Weinstein, and Charles Reinke also won money, as did Lynda Finn, who was too busy to pose.

Sue Hoehn won Division 2.

Sue Hoehn won Division 2. Other winners were Cheryl Melvin, Mary Krizan, Julia Swaney, Melissa Brown, Diana Ittner, and Barbara Besadny. James Nalepka missed the photo op.


Madison Ball Game

Some of us enjoyed an exciting Madison Mallards baseball game before heading home.

Good friends, good times in Reno

The Reno GangThe summer tournament was shorter this year, but we packed a lot of good games into it.  Rick Wong kept it all running smoothly, while winning .95 games over his expected rating.  Kevin Fraley was the big winner in Division 1 with a 13 – 3 record.  Allen Bennett won Division 2, also 13 – 3.  Complete results are at http://wordgameplayers.org/ratings/index.php?c=pu&a=tr&tournamentID=391&ratingType=Standard.

We missed the usual attendees who couldn’t make it this year, but enjoyed the company of those who could.  The next WGPO Reno tournament is scheduled for January 16 – 17, 2016.  Mark your calendars.

Division 1 winners

Division 1 winners

Division 2 winners

Division 2 winners

Tempe Players unfazed by haboob

The Haboob

The Haboob

Director Laurie Cohen reports:

A few highlights…we welcomed three players who were either new to tournament play or hadn’t played in a decade or two.  Welcome to Joann Friedman, Kathleen Kelly, and Jun Escota who was visiting from Las Vegas.  In addition to monetary prizes, a set of purple Injection Molded Protiles was awarded for the most letters in the word TEMPE (ties broken by score of play).  Satya Mahapatra won for MASTERED ( 4 letters – 68 pts).  Also,  a tile bag from Incredible Tile Bags was awarded in a door prize drawing.  Linda Stephens won.  
In division 1, Richard Spence was Gibsonized in the 8th round and was undefeated.  In division 2, Satya Mahapatra also went 8-0.  In division 3, Linda Stephens was just one win shy of a perfect day.  Congrats to all!
It was a nice day of Scrabble, food, and friends, followed by a post-tourney barbecue and more (casual) Scrabble.  Even an evening dust storm (or haboob) didn’t dampen the mood.  Thanks to all participants and special thanks to all those who helped out by bringing food, entering data, grilling, and bringing tables and chairs.  You’re all a great bunch!  Congrats to all the prize winners
New Players

New Players

Tempe Players

Tempe Players

California has no drought when it comes to tournament fun

The PruneyardIt was bright and sunny but a bit cool, both inside and outside.  But the games at the Lester Schonbrun Memorial Tournament were hot and so was the San Jose Giants baseball team.

Photos by Marcia Wade, Steve Pellinen, Ruth Hamilton



Concentrationgames  Playing is serious business.  Director Steve Pellinen kept us on task.


RibsAt the ballgameBennett Jacobstein, author of The Joy of Ballpark Food:  From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine. treated us to barbeque and a ballgame.  The Giants won, 11-0.
LS Winners


Here are the tournament winners.  Jerry Lerman compiled an impressive 16 – 2 record.  Michael Machi won Division 2 with a 13-5 record.  Complete results:  http://wordgameplayers.org/ratings/index.php?c=pu&a=tr&tournamentID=380&ratingType=Standard