Phoenix Players Undaunted by Storm


Sara Boykan and Lynn Hall complete their game during a power outage with the help of a friend holding a cell phone torchlight.

Sara Boykan and Lynn Hall complete their game during a power outage with the help of a friend holding an IPhone torchlight.

Photo by Barbara Van Alen

Report from Larry Rand:
The Phoenix One Day tournament was held at the Chris Ridge Village Retirement Center.  Everything started out just fine!  Newlywed, Evan Fishman, won the “early entry award,” a $25 gift certificate to Cracker Barrel.  The first three games before lunch all went as planned.  After lunch, game 4 was successfully completed.  Then, near the end of game 5 at about 2:30PM, a torrential downpour and gale force winds hit Phoenix from the west.  The lights flickered once, then all the lights went out!  The Center has an emergency generator and essential lights were on, but the activity room was pitch dark.   Most of the tally slips had been turned in for round 5, but three pairings had not completed their games.  Players with “flashlight” apps on their cell phones came to the rescue and the three final games were completed.

Everyone waited around for an hour.  Barbara and I huddled to decide what we would do.  Then, one of our club players, Lynn Hall, said that the game room had lights.  The game room had six oversized wooden card tables.  That would not take care of all of us.  Players starting moving equipment from the activities room to the game room.  Two 6 foot tables had to be brought over and extra chairs.  We were able to fit everybody in cozily.  Right before we were ready to start round 6, ALL the lights came back on.  We decided to stay put.  That experience was a first.
Division A
1st Laurie Cohen  6-2 +554 $100
2nd Larry Rand 5-3  +48 $80
Best over seed Sarah King 4 ranks over seed $60
High Game Jeff Kastner (533) $10
High Loss Travis Carlson (466) $10  (lost to Jim Lamerand <472>)
Division B
1st  Satya Mahapatra 6-2 +328 $90   (Satya was seeded 8th of 8 players)
2nd Andrew Schwartzberg 5-3 +245 $70
BOS Erik Anderson 1 rank over seed $50   (Satya and Andrew were overseed, too.)
High Game Satya Mahapatra (531) $10
High Loss Erik Anderson (439) $10    (lost to Barbara Van Alen <440>)
Division C
1st Karin Somerville 6-2 +523 $80
2nd Linda Stephens 6-2 +381 $65
BOS Zach Simon 2 ranks over seed $45    (This was Zach’s first tournament!)
High Game Karin Somerville (458) $10
High Loss Evan Fishman (417) $10
All in all in, it was a wonderful tournament.  The storm provided an opportunity for a bit of socializing and weather watching.


GRITS – Lots Of Fun, But No Games?

The annual GRITS tournament in South Carolina is over for the year, but the photos live on.

On The Verandah

On The Verandah

Swag includes hand-made hat designed by Peggy Grant

Swag includes hand-made hat designed by Peggy Grant

Opening Night Reception

Opening Night Reception

Stairway to ?

View From The Deck

View From The Deck

GRITS at dinner

Janice Kaye, Julia Bailey, Angela Dancho, Lynda Finn relax in the hot tub

Janice Kaye, Julia Bailey, Angela Dancho, Lynda Finn relax in the hot tub

Photos from Peggy Grant and Melissa Brown

Surfers Cruise Alaska

The Surfers

Barbara VanAlen and Larry Rand conducted another outstanding cruise for Word Game Players, then followed it up with the 25th annual Portland tournament – Surf and Turf.  Here are the intrepid Surfers as they returned from Alaska.


Here’s a poor fellow that missed the boat.  Totem

Photos from the VanRand photo gallery,

Winners of the 25th Annual Portland, Oregon Tournament

LDW14 Div C

LDW14 Div BLDW14 Div A

Third division winners Phil Seitzer, Orhan Orgun, Heidi Hugli, and Leesa Bergeron.  Second division Kolton Koehler, Marc Levesque, Gunther Jacobi, Chris Tallman, and Paula Catanese.  Not pictured, Alan Meyer.  First division Conrad Bassett-Bouchard, Noah Walton, Jon Shreve.

LDW 14 High LossLDW 14 High Game

High loss Noah, Gunther, Heidi.   High win Conrad, Kolton, Phil.

Larry and afghan

Larry Rand won the raffle.

LDW 14 Late Bird

Late Bird winners Kolton Koehler, Larry Rand, Gunther Jacobi, Betty Cornelison


Directors of the Portland Labor Day Weekend Tournament, past and present:  Larry Rand, Rich Moyer, Dave Johnson, Ruth Hamilton, Vail Palmer.  Not present:  Fontes, Karen Merrill.


Party Time in Portland

Even though this was the Turf portion of Surf and Turf, we enjoyed dinner and companionship at the Newport Seafood Grill, a restaurant that is anchored on the Willamette River. Jeannie and HelaineNewport 2Newport 3Newport 1



We’re One Thousand Strong!

WGPO has reached a milestone.  Our one-thousandth member joined last month.  Tom Campbell added his name to our roster in preparation for the Portland Labor Day Weekend tournament.  Executive Committee members Larry Rand (left) and Keith Hagel (right) presented Tom (center) with a commemorative certificate and a new OWL .1000th member