Word Cup 7 – Good times, great company

Springfield, Massachusetts, is where the action is this week.  Mike Johnson and Anne McCarthy are leading our lively group in fun and games.  Saturday we played 7 rounds, then enjoyed a sumptuous array of hors d’oeuvres.  Sunday, we played 7 rounds, then enjoyed a trivia contest hosted by Bennett Jacobstein.  David Weiss won handily.  Bennett noted that all of the trivia contests he’s conducted have been won either by Peter Dolgenos or David Weiss, but they’ve never competed head to head.

Play concludes Wednesday.  I’ll post pictures as I get them.  You can keep up with the games at Director!Springfield and Springfield Collins.

Susi Tiekert reports that in Round 3, it was the Tiekerts vs. the VanRands.  Ron Tiekert played Larry Rand while Susi played Barbara VanAlen.  Use the Director! link above to read the outcome.

Sunday noon, WGPO directors and organizers gathered for lunch. Julia Swaney captured these images:IMG_0741IMG_0745


Road Trip!

Four cities, four baseball games, a 16-round tournament plus a four-game late bird – all this with congenial companions. What could be better? The countryside was beautiful, the weather cooperated. Players in Car 2 learned some new word games while some players in Car 1 napped. Tournament results:  Atlanta to Durham
Photos from Peggy Grant.

Tournament time

Tournament time

Lunch time - waiting for a table

Lunch time – waiting for a table

Watching the Atlanta Braves

Watching the Atlanta Braves

Watching the Asheville Tourists

Watching the Asheville Tourists

At the home of the Charlotte Knights

At the home of the Charlotte Knights

After hours

After hours

Today the dunes, tomorrow the barn

From Mike Johnson:

No BarnFive of us gathered today for the first Scrabble® in the Barn Tourney in Benzonia, Michigan.  After spending the day at theSleeping Bear Dunes National Park, tonight we will have a bonfire to celebrate tomorrow’s games.  We’ll be playing a triple round robin over the weekend.  Thanks to Jeff Clark for hosting this great destination event.  Standing reports can be found online at director.victoriascrabble.org for those who are interested.Four players


Pellinen/Odom top Madison tourney, Wade conquers Division 2

From Lynda Finn:

Madison 17 Div 1

Division 1 winners

Minneapolis power Scrabble couple, Steve Pellinen and Lisa Odom top the Madison Summer Tournament. Thomas Reinke finishes third. These three, along with Charles Reinke, dominated the tournament to such an extent that after the first 11 game round robin, they played between the four of them exclusively for the next 7 rounds. That means that each pair faced each other 3 or 4 times. What a tough line-up they had on the path to victory.

Performance prize went to Leslie Millard. Fun prizes went to Steve Pellinen, Thomas Reinke, Jason Vaysberg, Michael David, Samuel H Smith, Leslie Millard, James Frankki and Lynda Finn

Madison 17 Div 2

Division 2 winners

Marcia Wade was the gibsonized winner of Division B. Dennis Lloyd came in second, Fran Galt finished third, and Vicki Zimny finished fourth. The performance prizes went to James Nalepka and Helen Flores. Fun prizes went to Susan Hoehn, Vicki Zimny, Gail Salm, Diane L. Weinerman, Fran Galt, and David John Carlson.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone for making this such a fun tournament. Thanks to Emily Jones, Jason Vaysberg, and David John Carlson for your help during the tournament. Thanks to the Madison Scrabble Club, Bennett Jacobstein and Leslie Millard for your generous contributions to the prize fund. Thanks to Helen Flores for the Rack Sack prizes.

Madison 17 Fun

Fun Prize Winners

Results:  Madison 6 17

Hard at play

Hard at play


Tough rack?