Joan Mocine Memorial

From Joan’s sister Mary via Mike Baron:

From: Mary Mocine <>
Dear friends and family,
Joan’s Memorial will be on Sunday afternoon, February 24 at 3:30 p.m. at her apartment, 488 Merritt Avenue in Oakland. If you know of folks who would like to come, please go ahead and invite them.  Do keep me in the loop so I have some idea how many are coming. 
Please bring Joan stories to share. We will offer finger food and wine and NA drinks. 
Thank you all for your wonderful support in this difficult time. 

Jim Fischer

From Mike Stevens:
I’m saddened to report the passing of my long time friend, Jim Fischer, from Parkinson’s disease, on January 19, 2019.  Jim was the co-founder, along with Mike Howlett, of the Utah Scrabble® Club in 1982. The club is still active and vibrant, largely due to the efforts of Jim. He wrote his weekly club newsletter, After Words, up until a few months before his passing. Jim was the first person I met when I walked into Utah Scrabble® Club #173, in December 1988. We went on many Scrabble® trips together, several Nationals and many other tournaments. Some of these were in the Scrabblemobile, my Suburban, which had an improvised table custom made for the back seat. Kent Nelson, Mike Howlett, Jim and I would drive to tournaments in Reno, Tamarron (Durango), and Las Vegas. We rotated seats every time a game was finished so we could play two games out of every four. It made the time fly and the long drives seemed short and full of laughs.
Jim was a former chess champion, having represented the United States Air Force. He fell in love with the game of Scrabble® and it became a life long love of his. He was instrumental in furthering the game in Utah and met many friends in the nearly 150 tournaments he played in. I will miss his gentle spirit, kindness and his subtle sense of humor.


Long Beach 2019

From Dave Postal:

With co-director Paul Rickhoff, twenty four Scrabblers forewent New Orleans,
the Rams football playoff game, local illness and seasonably cool weather to
play in our first Long Beach tournament of 2019.  The winners of div A were
Yuki Loritz (1st), Elizabeth Ralston (2nd).   Div B winners were Dani Roter
(1st) and David Baran (2nd) and Div C winners were Keith Forman (1st) and
Margaret Hughes (2nd).  They are flanked by the directors and winners of
high win, high game and high loss awards.


Division A winners


Division B winners

Division C winners

Division C winners




Joanie Scafuto was the special word winner, playing the most letters in the
word GAMES by playing…..GAMES!   Nobody told her to stop playing games, so she did.  She also took all the
pictures, except the one of herself!

Joan Mocine

Joan at play

Joan at play

From: Mary Mocine <>
Subject: My sister Joan
Date: January 20, 2019
Dear friends,
My sister died this evening at 6. It was peaceful. We will have a Memorial later, probably February. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and memories.
Those of you who shared the info before, please feel free to do so again and it is OK to include my email.

Joan Mocine was a vital part of our word game players’ world for many years.  Well known for her graciousness and wit, she was a great friend as well as a competitive player.

Joan and Lester circa 1987

Joan and Lester circa 1987

Tournaments will use updated word list beginning February 1, 2019

Dear WGPO Members,
In light of Merriam-Webster’s most recent update to the OSPD in 2018, the WGPO BPR/EC has approved the use of the new word list for use in all WGPO tournaments effective February 1st. Many clubs will start using the new word list starting January 1st. There might yet be some minor corrections addressed in near future, however, we expect that the new word list is basically in its final form. This change does not affect any tournaments using the international Collins lexicon.
The Board of Player Representatives of WGPO
The Executive Committee of WGPO

Holiday Specials

Players in Englewood, New Jersey, and Lake Oswego, Oregon, celebrated with tournaments today.  Tempe, Arizona, gets into the holiday spirit this weekend.


Division 2 second place finisher Kathy Sutrov next to winner Alan Meyer.  She’s playing Betty Cornelison, who finished third.

In Lake Oswego, 12 of us participated in a 5-game tournament held at the local adult community center.  We had two divisions of 6 players each.  The number 4 seed won in each division.  That was Alan Meyer in division 2.  I was exceedingly lucky and won division 1, Gunther Jacobi was second, and our versatile director Rich Moyer was third.

Congratulations to Howard Baldwin, who in his first tournament earned a rating of 1107.


Alice Van Leunen and Gunther Jacobi.