Minnesota Marathon

Ian Weinstein left Florida to brave the Minnesota winter.

Director Steph and winner Ian

Director Steph and winner Ian  –  Photo by Zana Anderson

It worked well for him.  He won 23 of 32 games, topping former Redeye king Tim Adamson, who came in second with 20 wins.  Iowan Mike Johnson, more accustomed to the climate, crushed Division 2 opponents, winning 27 games.

Steph and Mike

Steph and Mike    – Photo by Zana Anderson


Redeye players

Redeye players

Redeye winners

Redeye winners

Details at Redeye 2017



Jeff Clark of Michigan won the Pinkeye. Details:  Pinkeye 2017

Pinkeye players

Pinkeye players

Pinkeye winners

Pinkeye winners






From Maddy Kamen:Monrovia 4 Monrovia 3

Lots of fun and prizes were in store for the 40 scrabblers at the Courtyard Marriott in Monrovia, CA on January 8th. Richard Stein won a brand new scrabble board for gaining the most rating points (79). Ken Louie won a set of protiles for defeating his opponent by the largest margin (264). Monetary prizes were given for high game, high loss, and high play in all five divisions. Rachel Knapp won $20 for playing a word containing the most letters in “MaddyRoy”-amorally. The top two players in each division earned higher monetary prizes for their success.
Division winners were David Pearl, Richard Stein, Ken Louie, Najat Reikes, and Laurie Holz. All results are posted on The WGPO website.Monrovia 2  Monrovia 1

Think SPRINGfield

It feels like winter in most of the country, but let’s think about warmer weather . . .  And our big tournament this summer:  Word Cup VII in Springfield, Massachusetts!

Melissa and Ann and Mike are planning an exciting event, with lots of games and social events.  Don’t miss out.  Plan now to join us July 29 thru August 2.

Details here: http://wordgameplayers.org/brochures/Word_Cup_7.pdf   

2016 Word Cup Winners:  Lindsey Dimmick, Fran Galt, Ian Weinstein, with sponsors Roxanne and Hank Boryczki of AZ Trails Travel

2016 Word Cup Winners: Lindsey Dimmick, Fran Galt, Ian Weinstein, with sponsors Roxanne and Hank Boryczki of AZ Trails Travel

2017 Diversions

Escape from the real world – come play in a tournament!

If you want to be thankful for indoor fun, come to the Minnesota Redeye/Pinkeye January 14 and 15.  It may be cold outside, but we’ll have some hot games indoors.

Relax by the pool at the DoubleTree

Relax by the pool at the DoubleTree

Or if you’d rather, you can enjoy Arizona sunshine when you’re not involved in a game.  The dates are February 18 – 20.







Don’t want to spend the entire weekend at the boards?  There are three one-day tournaments:  January 8 in Monrovia, California, January 14 in Loveland, Colorado, and February 11 in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

In April, there’s a cruise on the Danube.  In May, we’ll have tournaments in California, Iowa, and Colorado.  And there’s more . . .  Check it all out at:  Upcoming Tournaments