2011 Inaugural Word Cup

Presented by the Word Game Players’ Organization

Scrabble® Crossword Game Tournament

Location: Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E. 2nd Street, Reno, Nevada, United States

Website: http://wordgameplayers.org/2011-inaugural-word-cup/

Details: Jeff Widergren (certs25@yahoo.com) 408-390-5839

Tournament Director: Rick Wong (kablooey@gmail.com)

Word List: Official Club & Tournament Word List.

Early Bird: Friday July 1st 9:00AM (eight games)

Main Event: Saturday July 2nd through Wednesday July 6th (35 games: 8+8+8+8+3), beginning at 9:00AM each day

Further Details to be announced.

Hotel Reservation Link

Having Trouble Accessing the WGPO Forum?

Dear members,

The main pages of our website are open to the public, members and nonmembers alike.

The Forum section of the website is where members must log in, since this is the page where we will be conducting all membership-wide voting, and voting is only open to members.

Some of you may have registered as members a while ago and cannot remember the username you used to register. Please feel free to contact me at any time and I can look up your username for you. If you have also forgotten your password, as long as you have the correct username, you can reset your password using this link.

We want to ensure that all members who wish to do so are able to vote. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or anybody else on the EC if you are having problems accessing the Forum page on the website. It is no trouble at all to look up a username or confirm membership.

Stephanie Steele

WGPO Directors’ Forum

Very recently the WGPO Club Roster was launched on the WGPO web site. For months now the WGPO Tournament Calendar has been up and running with links and information about the growing number of WGPO-approved tournaments around the country. Our membership roll continues to increase steadily.

This morning a new Yahoo listserv for WGPO-certified club and tournament directors is opening as the WGPO DIRECTORS’ FORUM.

Who are WGPO-certified directors? Individuals who have already been certified as club and tournament directors by NSA or NASPA and have joined WGPO are grandfathered in as WGPO-certified directors. WGPO is in the process of developing its director’s certification process, and currently its Executive Committee is certifying new directors on a case-by-case basis.

The initial description and rules of the WGPO Directors’ Forum are set out below.

Directors may subscribe by sending an e-mail to WGPOdirectorsforum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

“The WGPO recognizes and acknowledges that a strong system of clubs with experienced club directors is the backbone of word game play.” WGPO Bylaws, Art. IV, subsec. (1). I am hopeful that this new listserv will be a valuable resource for those of us who have the privilege and pleasure of directing WGPO-approved clubs and tournaments.

John Spangler
WGPO Directors’ Forum moderator
Director, Lexington (Ky.) Scrabble Club


The WGPO Directors’ Forum is a listserv open to certified club and tournament directors of the Word Game Players’ Organization. Members of the WGPO Executive Committee and WGPO Board of Player Representatives may belong to this listserv and participate in its discussions regardless of whether they are also certified directors.

The rules of this listserv are simple. It is intended as an open forum for club and tournament directors to discuss among themselves topics related to directing clubs and tournaments. It will provide a means for new directors to obtain help and answers to questions and for experienced directors to share innovative practices and raise matters to receive comments from their fellow directors. Through this forum, directors can get to know each other better and learn from one another. Generally any post is acceptable if it is on topic and written respectfully.

Healthy debates are always encouraged, but please keep the tone respectful and civil.

In keeping with fundamental WGPO principles of openness and transparency, posts to this listserv are not to be considered confidential in nature. Text posted here may be freely shared with others who are not members of the listserv. If a listserv member believes that it is necessary or desirable for a particular topic to be discussed more broadly by the WGPO membership, that topic may be transferred to the general WGPO listserv.

Discussion of particular incident reports and disciplinary proceedings are not proper topics for this listserv. These will be handled elsewhere under the WGPO Bylaws with the discretion and confidentiality that they deserve.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for any personal attacks or mean-spirited arguing. Anyone who submits such a post is subject to immediate removal from the listserv.

John Spangler is the moderator of this listserv. His e-mail address is JMSinKY@aol.com

Update from the WGPO Tournament Committee

It’s hard to believe how fast the time goes by! In May of this year, Stephanie Steele organized and directed the inaugural WGPO tournament in Bloomington, MN, drawing 52 players from far and wide to enjoy the game we all love. Just 6 months later, there have now been 26 more events held in locations ranging from Arizona to Oregon, California to South Carolina and even a cruise on the Mediterranean! Thank you so much to all of the directors out there who have stepped up to organize events!

Looking forward through the end of the year and into 2011 there are some excellent tournament opportunities to look out for.
– John Spangler and Steve Bush continue their monthly events in Lexington, KY.
– Michael Treshler has begun some new events in Clayton, CA.
– Lynda Finn brings a new event to Madison, WI.
– We have our 2nd challenge event with Vancouver vs. Seattle in December.
– The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend will see two big tournaments in Reno and the Twin Cities. Plenty of games to get your fix!!
– Reno will have 3 individual events giving you the opportunity to play 33 games over 4 days.
– The Twin Cities Redeye tournament will allow diehards to play 30 games over 2 days!
– North of the border, John Aitken has been organizing for a great event in beautiful Vancouver, BC in March.
– Larry Rand and Barbara Van Alen continue to spoil us with wonderful opportunities with their events in Phoenix and the Grand Canyon as well as some exciting cruises in Southeast Asia, Alaska, Hawaii and a Trans-Atlantic crossing.

A full listing of upcoming events can be found at http://wordgameplayers.org/tournaments/upcoming-tournaments/

We would love to see many more events added to the calendar as well. Whether it’s a small afternoon tourney with a handful of players or a big weekend event, there’s room on the WGPO calendar for it! Feel free to contact us with your ideas for an event or to get a tournament on the calendar.

The WGPO is in the process of writing a Director’s test for certifying new directors. The test will be offered online. Details about how to take the test and get certified will be posted when available.

A director FAQ document is also in the works and will be posted to the website when it is ready. The FAQ will help to answer questions about organizing and running events. Of course you are always free to contact any of us on the Tournament Committee or Executive Committee as well. We’re here to help!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the WGPO events held over the last six months. We look forward to many more tournaments in the months and years to come. Remember to have fun, play fair and play often!


Dave Wood
Chair, Tournament Committee

Rules Committee Update

The existing North American rules are currently being used for WGPO events. The Executive Committee agreed that the committee’s focus in its first year of operations will be to develop and have adopted WGPO’s own initial tournament rules, which shall maintain in substance the position of the existing rules, but rework them, as necessary, in text, style, and structure to achieve greater clarity and ease of use; consideration of any proposals for substantial changes to the rules will be deferred until the second year of the committee’s operations, unless circumstances require more immediate action in specific instances. Under our new Bylaws, the final arbiter on rules decisions is the Board of Player Representatives, and Rules Committee determinations may be appealed to that body. The committee’s chair coordinated the development of the newly-adopted WGPO Bylaws, a major project which took considerable time and required Rules Committee work to be temporarily suspended during that process.

WGPO Bylaws Ratified

The proposed WGPO Bylaws have been ratified resoundingly by the members, by a vote of 68-3, or 96 percent. The 71 players who cast votes represented about 15% of the total membership. The Official WGPO Bylaws is now filed under the “ABOUT WGPO” section.

The WGPO Executive  Committee deeply appreciates both the long, hard work of all those, led by John Spangler, who helped draft these Bylaws, and the constructive comments offered by many members. Finally, thank you to all those who voted, whether “yea” or “nay”; you have demonstrated your support for the concept of a players’ organization where the players, not a few self-designated leaders, make the key decisions.

As always, players with questions and/or concerns should feel free to contact any or all of the members of the EC (Keith Hagel, wordguy1@gmail.com; Steph Steele, flamingjune45@gmail.com; and Rick Wong, kablooey@gmail.com)

— Keith Hagel