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Notes from WGPO EC/BPR Meeting

Notes from WGPO EC/BPR Meeting

Minneapolis, MN

August 7, 2012, 1 pm

The WGPO Executive Committee was represented by Stephanie Steele (MN), Keith Hagel (CO), and Rick Wong (CA).  The Board of Player Representatives attendees were Steve Pellinen (MN), Susi Tiekert (FL), Peggy Grant (SC) and Larry Rand (AZ).  Unable to attend was Laurie Cohen (AZ). Nonvoting attendees were Janice Kaye and Melissa Brown.

Agenda items:

  • Word Cup 2013, to be held in the Denver area – This was discussed in last night’s general membership meeting; no further discussion needed at this time.
  • Ratings and Website – The current Website contract is up in 28 days. Aaron Daly has offered to host the website for no charge.  Henry and Aaron to discuss transfer of website and ensure that the transfer of data is done with no loss of data or integrity. Rick so moved, Keith seconded the motion. Unanimously passed.

(NOTE:  Keith will take care of getting all the directors named on the website.)

  • Rick raised the topic of Word Cup 2014 and the Proposal for Lansing, Michigan (Jeff Clark).  Keith has discussed with Jeff the need for a dedicated committee. Susie suggested that the tournament be dedicated to Stella (the late Cheryl Cadieux).  Open to proposals for other locales — Larry suggested that once the date is announced for WC 2013 we open up to suggestions for WC 14.
  • Logo contest .  Steph recapped the history of the logo contest; Lawren Freebody has been selected as the winner and this will be announced in the tournament on August 8th.  Georgia vs Comic Sans font discussed; Georgia selected.
  • Membership dues.  Larry outlined two ideas:

1.  Suggest that All directors add line on tournament entry form for voluntary contribution

2. Add fee to all tournaments, vs. a per person annual fee

It was proposed by Rick that Larry develop standard suggested language for player donations to be used on entry forms.  The suggested wording will be sent by email to all active WGPO directors.

  • Clubs affiliated with WGPO were discussed.  There is an opening for a point person to manage the list of clubs. Peggy, whose tenure ends later this year, will consider taking on the management of the club list.
  • Nominating committee will need to be reinstated soon because elections are up for later this year.
  • Discussion on rule book was tabled because of time constraints … to be continued.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa Brown
WGPO Member Liaison