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WGPO Directors FAQ

I want to run a WGPO tournament.  What do I have to do?

Running a WGPO tournament is easy!  Just put together a flier (more on this below), and submit the flier to the Tournament Committee via the updated WGPO Ratings Website. Using the WGPO Ratings Website you can

  • submit information for any new tournaments,
  • maintain your tournament roster,
  • submit a request to add first-time WGPO players to your tournament,
  • submit your final tournament result for rating.

Once submitted, our Tournament Committee chair Bennett Jacobstein will look over your tournament flier and if he has all the info he needs, he will then let you know that it has been approved and is posted on the WGPO Tournaments Calendar.

What information do I need to put in my flier?

Upcoming Tournament Fliers should include:

  • When the tournament is being held & how many games will be played
  • The start time for the first game
  • Where the tournament is being held
  • How many days, are there any Early or Late birds?
  • What dictionary and lookup program will be used
  • Who is directing, and or, organizing with contact information (preferably email as well as phone)
  • What type of pairing method(s) will be used (it is okay to have a general idea and state that the number of players will determine specific pairing methods)
  • How much the entry fee will be; and how and to whom to send entry fees
  • The hotel room rate as well as hotel contact info (if applicable), as well as how long the room block will be held
  • How the tournament will be structured (divisional, open, etc)
  • Whether there is limited space (for example, you can only host 30 players, so first- come, first-served).
  • How players will be seeded in the division(s) (for example, most current WGPO rating or NASPA rating if the player has not played in a WGPO tournament yet, by a certain date, whether playing up a division will be allowed)
  • Suggested, but not required; prize payout structure
  • A deadline for receiving entry fees, and any cancellation policy

How do I log in to the new WGPO Ratings Website?

To access the system, open your web browser and go to the main WGPO site at the following web address:

In the second line of the menu at the top of the page, click the link labeled “Ratings” to access the public menu page for the ratings system. Next, click the link labeled “Director Sign-In” found in the upper right-hand corner. On the next screen input your WGPO director username and password and click, the “Sign Me In” button. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, please contact for assistance. Congratulations! You are now logged in to the WGPO Ratings Website, and will find links to manage all of your upcoming tournaments. If you have any questions about using the new system you can download a copy of our WGPO Directors User Guide at

I’m a new WGPO director and can’t gain access to the ratings website?

To gain access to the system, first register as a member of WGPO to obtain a WGPO userID and password. You can register at the following web address:

Next, make a request to one of WGPO Ratings Administrators to add you as a WGPO Director in the system. You can contact either Mike Johnson at or Winter at

Once you have been authorized to access the system as a director, you will be able to sign in and gain access to all director functions.

My tournament has people playing in their first WGPO tournament. What do I need to do?

Wonderful! Some new WGPO players are playing in their first tournament, while others are experienced tournament players in other organizations. Prior to the start of the tournament, they will need to register as a member of WGPO. They can register at the following web address:

New members will be added to the players database usually within 72 hours (often faster), and will then be available to add to the online tourney rosters.

Can I upload my flier to the WGPO Ratings Website as a Word document?

We prefer fliers to be formatted as PDF. If you are unable to do this, send the Word Document to Bennett Jacobstein ( ) and we can convert it for you.

Who can direct a WGPO Tournament?

Currently any NSA, NASPA, or WGPO certified director is eligible to direct a WGPO tournament.  If you are interested in directing WGPO tournaments but have not been certified by the NSA or NASPA you can contact Bennett Jacobstein ( ) and take the WGPO Director’s test.

How much notice do I have to give in order to get my tournament sanctioned and on the WGPO calendar?

It is best for directors to get their tournaments on the WGPO calendar as soon as they have all the details arranged, but we know that some smaller one-day events are often arranged a short time out from their start date.  We do need to have your tournament on the calendar before it happens in order to rate it though, so there is a two-week notice required to the Tournament Committee; exceptions, for cause, can be granted with a 3-day notice being the least amount of notice the TC should receive, and all exceptions are granted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee chair.

Why can’t I post my tournament on cross-tables?

Cross-Tables will automatically list tournaments that are posted on the WGPO website.   All WGPO tournaments must be posted on the WGPO website, which can be found at:

You can also send out emails advertising your tournament to the WGPO google group listserv ( and include a link to your tournament on the WGPO website. To join, send an email to

Do players in my WGPO tournament have to join the WGPO in order to participate?

Yes, membership is required to play in WGPO-approved tournaments, however, joining WGPO is free! Players can easily join by going to WGPO directors/organizers may also choose to offer approved invitational tournaments. Directors can help register new players at their first tournament.

Are there any participation fees or rating fees I need to send back to the WGPO after my tournament?

There are no fees whatsoever when you direct a WGPO tournament.  All entry fees are used at the director’s discretion.

Whom do I submit my tournament results to when the tournament is over?

Tournament results and and a prize summary should be submitted using the WGPO Ratings Website. A detailed description of the process is found in the WGPO Director User Guide found at

You should send the text result file (not the .tny file). Also, you need to provide a text version of the monetary prizes awarded. Here is an example:

Smith, John, place, $100
Jones, Davey, perf, $25
Smith, John, other, $10.25
  1. The first field is the player’s last name.
  2. The second field is the player’s first name.
  3. The third field is the type of prize (place, perf, or other). If a player wins multiple types of prizes put each prize type on a separate line.
    • place is for a normal place prize (do not specify which place)
    • perf is for “performance” prizes. There are many names for these, but they generally take the player’s seed or starting rating into account. (Wins over expectation, best performance bottom half, class prize, number of places moved up, etc.)
    • other is for anything else. High game/loss, best word, friend of the director, etc.
  4. The fourth field is the amount of the prize. It can include cents, but doesn’t have to. It can include a dollar sign or not.

If I have any questions about how to organize my tournament who can I contact for help?

The EC and Committee members of the WGPO are here to make sure directors are supported in every way in order to ensure a successful and fun tournament experience for directors and players alike. If you have any questions about organizing your tournament you are always encouraged to contact any member of the EC as well as the Tournament Committee chair. If you have any questions about submitting your tournament results or using the WGPO Ratings Website, feel free to contact any of our WGPO Ratings Administrators (Mike Johnson at or Winter at