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Word Cup 2024, Early Bird -- NWL

Word Cup 2024, Early Bird -- NWL (Albuquerque NM), 7/26/2024 - NWL

5 games

13 players registered


John Karris
Bennett Jacobstein
Mike Johnson

Tournament Website

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Please check the tournament website for details on how to sign up for this tournament.

Online signups through the WGPO website are coming soon.


Registrations opens Early December

Division 1

1Stan Miranda1767
2Juraj Pivovarov1748
3Jonathan Lindh1706
4Randall Thomas1703
5Benjamin Ansell1499
6Jane Geary*1426
7Margie Gordon1418
8Linda Wancel*1345
9Jane Bissonnette*1314
10Susan Hoehn*1237
11George Bissonnette*1137
12Tracy McQueen1128
13Lois S Oda*789