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Van Rand Phoenix Tournament 2024

Phoenix, AZ, 2/17/2024 - 2/19/2024 - NWL

20 games

26 players registered


Laurie Cohen


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Online signups are temporarily disabled for all tournaments while we transition our directors to the new system. For now, please contact the director(s) to sign up for this tournament.


Entry fee includes catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Early entry fee $150 through January 1. After January 1, entry fee increases to $160.

Division 1

1John Karris*1858
2Jon Shreve1795
3Mike Baron1774
4David Weiss1563
5Keith Hagel*1558
6Richard Craig*1443
7Samuel Heiman1372
8Naurlene Canterman1359
9Benjamin Ansell1358
10Jane Geary1350
11Bennett Jacobstein1339
12Susan Beard*1334
13Lynda Finn*1331
14Florence Spanfelner1290
15Pamina Deutsch1279
16Susan Hoehn1236
17Jacqueline Stewart*1203
18Zana Anderson1193
19Gaye Trickey*1167
20Gretchen Cowan*1069

Division 2

1Benita Romero*1039
2Melissa Brown*1036
3John Aitken1016
4Johanna Sweet*794
5Maurice W Ross*774
6Mem Morman*665

Division 3

No entrants for this division.