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33rd Annual Labor Day WOW Main

Portland, OR, 8/31/2024 - 9/2/2024 - WOW

20 games

21 players registered


Juraj Pivovarov


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Please check the flyer for details on how to sign up for this tournament.

Online signups through the WGPO website are coming soon.

Division 1

1Carl Johnson2004
2Adam Henderson1728
3Kevin Burbridge1649
4Mitch Bayersdorfer1533
5Hank Hees1493
6Siri Tillekeratne1405
7Jane Geary1394
8Mitch Poplack1369
9Florence Spanfelner1336
10Susan Hoehn1209
11Gary Waltuch1196
12Scott Smith1193
13Connie Breitbeil1165
14Tracy McQueen*1139
15Mary Logullo1131
16Thomas Tremont1126
17John Aitken1088
18Marlena Tremont955
19James Johnson938
20Ron Barker910
21Hannah Poplack759

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