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Asheville, NC "A-1" Annual Autumn Leaves Tourney

Asheville, NC "A-1" Annual Autumn Leaves Tourney, 11/1/2024 - 11/4/2024 - WOW

20 games

43 players registered


Bennett Jacobstein
William Snoddy


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Please check the flyer for details on how to sign up for this tournament.

Online signups through the WGPO website are coming soon.

Division 1

1Barry Keith*1829
2Maddy Kamen*1807
3Jeff Cook*1758
4Curtis Lee*1702
5Ken Kasney*1683
6Jan Cardia*1657
7Liz Gottlin*1532
8David Engelhardt*1472
9Keith Hagel*1430
10Linda Oliva*1384
11Lisa Perry*1376
12Susan Bertoni1369
13Peggy Altazan1348
14Linda Wancel*1345
15Nancy Bowen*1333
16Lindsey Dimmick*1296
17Julia Bogle1277
18Yoli Ushry*1224
19Eileen Johnson1202
20Jason:AA004845 Mayfield*1201
21Richard Price1195
22Ralph Ireland*1193
23Mattie Harpp*1189
24Kevin Black1189
25Carolyn Atchison*1186
26Tracy McQueen*1139
27Gerianne Abriano*1128
28Samuel Chetty1093
29Trish Harrop1064
30Raina Scura*1031
31Cathy Poole*1018
32Louis Siegel*1015
33Lorraine Lopez*988
34Ricky Lawson926
35Christine Hannouche*881
36Charlene White878
37Peggy Grant*865
38Phyllis Atchison*857
39Bing Rice*830
40Jay Jacoby*747
41Fay Ireland*739
42Leslie Bradshaw*699
43Rouzier Jr Dorce*569

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