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WGPO Bylaws Ratified

The proposed WGPO Bylaws have been ratified resoundingly by the members, by a vote of 68-3, or 96 percent. The 71 players who cast votes represented about 15% of the total membership. The Official WGPO Bylaws is now filed under the “ABOUT WGPO” section.

The WGPO Executive¬† Committee deeply appreciates both the long, hard work of all those, led by John Spangler, who helped draft these Bylaws, and the constructive comments offered by many members. Finally, thank you to all those who voted, whether “yea” or “nay”; you have demonstrated your support for the concept of a players’ organization where the players, not a few self-designated leaders, make the key decisions.

As always, players with questions and/or concerns should feel free to contact any or all of the members of the EC (Keith Hagel,; Steph Steele,; and Rick Wong,

— Keith Hagel