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Logo and Name Contest

Announcing an enhanced logo and name contest, with entries due before May 15, 2012.  Please read carefully and completely, including the expanded explanation at the end.  We understand that some of you couldn’t care less about names and logos.  That’s fine, and you can certainly ignore the rest of this.  Otherwise, read on:

Following our recent request soliciting ideas for a logo for our organization, there has been some discussion about how logos and names can be tied together, how they can brand and contribute to a positive image for an organization, and how the acronym WGPO (for Word Game Players’ Organization) may or may not play a positive role in our image and potential growth.

With that in mind, we are expanding the logo contest to include, if you choose, suggestions for a new name (and possible acronym) for our organization.  Please note that WGPO will not change its name without a vote of the entire membership.

Here are your options for entries (multiple entries are welcome):

1.  Submit a standalone logo idea to go with any name.

2.  Submit a logo tied to the WGPO name.

3.  Submit a proposed new name for the organization, with an explanation why you prefer it to WGPO.

4.  Submit a logo tied to a new name, with an explanation why you prefer it to WGPO.

Please send your entries before May 15, 2012, to both the Executive Committee and the Board of Players Representatives (entries will be forwarded to other review committee members)

For the logo, your submittals need not be of final, professional quality, but should be drawn or depicted carefully enough to give a clear idea of your concept.  Keep in mind the potential uses of a logo, including stationery, envelopes, webpages, posters, banners, cards, clothing and other products – these and a variety of other uses mean that a logo needs to be adaptable and legible in a variety of sizes and contexts.

An ad hoc committee will do the initial review and narrow down the choices to the top two or few.  If there are sufficient entries (with explanations) for a new name, the top candidates, along with WGPO, will be subjected to a vote of the membership.  Otherwise, the review committee will select the winning logo design.

The winning logo designer will receive a $130.00 cash prize, which coincidentally matches the entry fee for the Word Cup.

Expanded explanation for a possible name change:

The discussion on the rationale behind choosing a logo, and possibly a new name, for our organization has recognized that both a name and logo have potential to, in and of themselves, attract and intrigue potential members as well as provide a sense of identity, satisfaction and pride for existing members.  Think about names like Words with Friends, Facebook, Google, Scrabulous – these are great names that, combined with a great product or service, initially intrigued and attracted, and later solidified, a great customer or user base.  WGPO, or Wig-Po, is probably, at best, a neutral contributor in its name value.

WGPO was a somewhat hastily chosen expedient name.  Perhaps it is the best name for us, perhaps not, but with the logo need, now is a good time to reconsider our name and how we want to present ourselves to the world.  Remember, that while our initial focus has been on Scrabble, our bylaws allow us to expand into other word game worlds.  Some of these even have potential to significantly enhance our initial focus.

For example, while closely related to Scrabble, Words with Friends is a different game with millions of players.  Presumably some of these players might be interested in more organized, competitive play.  We should be able to provide that opportunity, either via Scrabble or even by organizing events that cater to their particular game and lexicon. Will these players be interested or intrigued by a name like WGPO?  Perhaps, but maybe there is something better that we should consider.

We understand that we need to steer clear of trademark or copyright infringements, but those are easily avoidable as long as we are aware of them.

Note:  Scrabble is a Hasbro trademark, Words with Friends is owned by Zynga, Facebook is a corporate name, Google is a corporate name, Scrabulous morphed into Lexulous.