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Tempe Has Its Tenth!

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Scrabble® Club in Tempe, AZ with a tournament on Saturday, June 14.
group w Sara

Some highlights: 

20140614_174037In Division 1, Jim Lamerand, probably the club’s most loyal member, was Gibsonized for the final round and took first place with a 7-1 record. Travis Carlson, who drove up from Tucson, took second.  Director Laurie Cohen was third.




Patti Merrill, our newest club member, played in her first tournament and had her first ever tournament win.  We had two special prizes and three door prizes.  “Contains the most letters in TEMPE” (with ties broken by highest score) was won by Travis Carlson with EMPTIERS (76).  He also won “highest multiple of 10” with WORKMATES – a nine letter bingo that scored 110!  He won a set of injection molded Protiles and $20.  Door prizes included a Scrabble themed pencil case (won by Martin Janowski), two free dinners at Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant (won by Satya Mahapatra), and another set of Protiles (won by Mark Budovitch).

20140614_173926In Division 2, Martin Janowski took first with a 6-2 record and Susan Kessler took second with 5-3.  Satya Mahapatra was third.




It was a lovely day and a great commemoration of our 10th year.

LaurieSubmitted by Laurie Cohen.