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2014 WGPO Election Instructions

Sent on behalf of the WGPO Nominations and Elections Committee
Voting is now open for the Word Game Players’ Organization election of
members to its Executive Committee (EC) and Board of Player Representatives (BPR). Members will elect one candidate to serve on the EC, and two to serve on the BPR.
Voting is limited to WGPO members; anyone who joined on or before November 30, 2014 is eligible to participate.

To vote:
1. Go to WGPO’s polls forum,
2. If prompted to log in, enter your username and password. (Note: If you
have forgotten your username, feel free to contact Melissa Brown, WGPO
Member Liaison, . If you have forgotten your password,as long as you have the correct username, you can reset your password byfollowing the prompts under the “membership” tab).
3.  Select the WGPO December 2014 Election topic.  Candidates’ campaignstatements, if provided, can be found there, as well as the ballots.  There are two candidates for the one open seats on the Executive Committee: Keith Hagel and Winter.

There are two candidates for two open seats on the Board of Player Representative: Susi Tiekert and Bennett Jacobstein
Members will be able to vote for one candidates for the EC and up to two for the BPR. No member may vote more than once for any individual
candidate, and no votes may be changed once they are submitted
Voting will conclude on December 14, 2014, at 11:59 PM PST, and results
will be published within 72 hours.
The election is being administered by the WGPO Nominations and Elections Committee, whose members are Sue Hoehn, Fran Galt and Leslie Millard. The committee shall be the arbiter of any disputes.  Concerns or questions should be addressed to any of the committee members. Technical questions or problems should be addressed to Henry Yeung at
While this election primarily will be conducted online, the WGPO will try
to assist members who wish to vote by mail. Mail-in ballots (with your
name, contact information and the names of the candidates for whom you are voting) may be sent to Sue Hoehn, 2184 Scheffer Ave, St Paul MN 55116. They must be received by December 14, 2014.
Thank you,
WGPO Nominations and Elections Committee

Fran Galt

Sue Hoehn

Leslie Millard