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WGPO Membership Meeting Notes – September 8, 2015

Clackamas, Oregon

 A Questionnaire was distributed to those attending (40 attendees).

Keith invited attendees to voice their concerns and comments about WGPO, and responded. Brief notes are below.


  • How to get more WGPO tournaments on the East Coast? (Willie)
    Keith: we are working on it, there has been resistance in the Northeast
  • Peggy: we need the players and we need directors in those regions. If a player becomes a WGPO director, they will not lose their membership in the other major North American organization for Scrabble®players.
    Mike suggestion–codirect , split duties between hosting and directing.
  • Rules–Laura would like to see the rules easily available on the website.
    Keith: they should be there, we will look into it.
  • Zyzzyva – how to get up-to-date version    Ruth will send the link (Jim Miller link) or players can contact a member of the board
  • Cheryl… Is there a plan to have history available, similar to
    Keith … Yes, we want to do it, need tech volunteers.

What do you like most about WGPO / additional comments?

  • Winter … Less bureaucracy.
  • Jeff … The voice of the players is heard.
  • Marcia … 1. Be more open about upcoming events. (Keith: The plan is to announce WC2017 at the Feb. Spring 2016 tournament)  2. Likes the Collins approach to challenges.
    Helen … suggested starting the Collins approach at local club, one day tournaments are valuable, build it from grass roots.
  • Bennett … 1. Was appointed to be the liaison for all the people interested in hosting 2017 WC … Contact Bennett if interested. 2. Would like to see the Collins challenge rule in WGPO… Winter spoke to the rule: If the word is not good, just like our rule. If you challenge and the word is good, you don’t lose your turn and the player who played the good word gets an extra 5-10 points.
  • Marla… feels that WGPO would lose players if the challenge rule changed.
  • Dave l… Similar to gay-straight alliances, is there a way to have WGPO alliance with the other major North American organization for Scrabble® players? Mike J said that when he goes to tournaments sponsored by the other organization, he tries to be an ambassador; personal connections are the best we can do. Mike B is trying to do more formal things; friendships. Susi … The co-president of the other group refuses to let people in the house.
  • Roy wants to see if we can get on Keith commented that the web developer of that site has resisted. Lynda … Urges people to talk to the web developer .
  • Keith asked first-time Word Cup players for comments about the event. Lynn doesn’t think there are too many games. Nancy likes the round robin format.
  • Mike J thanked all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the Word Cup.

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Brown
WGPO Member Liaison