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Seeking Nominations to Board of Directors

From now through Saturday, November 27, WGPO is seeking nominations for three Board of Director positions to serve two-year terms beginning on January 1, 2022. Four existing Board positions will be carried forward until January 1, 2023, per the new bylaws that stipulate that approximately half the board seats are up for election each year. The positions carried forward are held by Helen Flores, Laurie Cohen, Keith Hagel and Steve Pellinen. You may nominate a candidate with their permission, or throw your own hat into the ring. Send your nominations or questions to

Candidates should submit a short bio, a statement of qualifications, and what you hope to accomplish during your term in office should you be elected. Include any particular skills or experience that you think enhance your qualifications.

Members of the Board of Directors should have a desire to serve and a belief in WGPO’s commitment to play often, play fair and have fun. Directors should familiarize themselves with the history of WGPO and thoroughly read and understand the requirements, rules and laws that apply to nonprofit, tax-exempt corporations (see WGPO Articles and Bylaws and IRS Publication 557). Board Members should also work well with others and be ready to accept majority decisions that differ from their own.

The activities of the Board vary in time and complexity such that it’s difficult to estimate the amount of time expected of members, but Directors should be ready to commit to 5 – 10 hours per month, with some months needing more and some less.

During this nomination period, WGPO will also be reviewing and refining our membership roster to identify active WGPO members and update contact information in our database. Look for more information on this process in the coming days.


The WGPO Board of Directors