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WGPO Needs You

This has been an amazing year for WGPO!

 The generous financial support from the Carter Chapman Shreve Family Foundation has enabled us to expand our footprint greatly in the Scrabble community, both in North America and overseas. We’ve sweetened prize funds for the Word Cup and other major events, stretched geographically, supported School Scrabble and worked to collaborate with CoCo and other organizations where we can find common ground.

 Of course, we labored mightily to keep tournament players as safe as possible from Covid.  In addition, we handled, carefully and fairly, some touchy conduct issues.

 It’s been an amazing year, but also an exhausting one for the WGPO Board of Directors. As we change and grow, our workload has at least doubled, maybe tripled.

So, we’re asking for committee help from you, the players who are the reason for our organization’s existence and success. We need folks, both old hands and newbies, to help us with diverse areas including, but not limited to finance, membership, rules, discipline, communications and technology. If you have experience or interest in one or more of these fields, or if you wish to suggest a different way you could help WGPO continue to flourish, let’s talk. Please contact Keith Hagel:

Thank you.

 Your WGPO Board of Directors:

Will Anderson

Jan Cardia

Laurie Cohen

Helen Flores

Keith Hagel

Bennett Jacobstein

Steve Pellinen