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In tribute to Steve Pellinen

We are all saddened at the loss of our friend and former president, Steve Pellinen.

WGPO is grateful for all that Steve did to help bring us a democratically run organization. He was a beloved president and leader of WGPO during a pivotal time in our history, and his ethos is still a guiding force.

Steve believed in the importance of the players having a voice in decision-making. He was the ultimate peacemaker with a desire to unite Scrabble players. He was wise, kind, logical and analytical. He put in countless hours to make WGPO an organization of which we can be proud. He was a longtime leader of Minneapolis Club 42, and also directed numerous tournaments – most notably the Wisconsin Dells and numerous Word Cups.

There are innumerable stories of Steve’s kindness, patience and good will. He was universally loved and respected in our community. We have missed him greatly since he stepped down from the board due to his illness and will continue to miss him as we move forward.

We all feel lucky to have known him and to continue the vision he espoused.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Lisa Odom and to all of Steve’s family.

The WGPO board