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Upcoming Tournaments

NameLocationDate# Games# PlayersType
Albuquerque Two Day EventAlbuquerque, NM3/9/2024 - 3/10/2024136NWLView Flyer
Greeneye VBloomington, MN3/16/2024 - 3/17/20242338NWLView Flyer
Greeneye V - CollinsBloomington, MN3/16/2024 - 3/17/20242310CollinsView Flyer
Loveland Scrabble TournamentFort Collins, CO3/23/2024825NWLView Flyer
Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA3/24/202460NWLView Flyer
Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA3/24/202460CollinsView Flyer
Portland Pub ScrabblePortland, OR4/13/202460CollinsView Flyer
Portland Pub ScrabblePortland, OR4/14/202460CollinsView Flyer
Words and WoodlandsAshland, Nebraska4/27/202479NWLView Flyer
10th Annual Decorah Tourney - SaturdayDecorah, IA5/11/2024720NWLView Flyer
10th Annual Decorah Tourney - SundayDecorah, IA5/12/2024620NWLView Flyer
Scrabble in the RedwoodsScrabble in the Redwoods (Fortuna CA)5/17/2024 - 5/19/20241716NWLView Flyer
Montreal Scrabblefest - NWL Main EventMontreal Scrabblefest5/24/2024 - 5/26/20241514NWLView Flyer
Montreal Scrabblefest - CSW Main EventMontreal Scrabblefest5/24/2024 - 5/26/2024159CollinsView Flyer
Montreal Scrabblefest - NWL Late BirdMontreal Scrabblefest5/27/202454NWLView Flyer
Montreal Scrabblefest - CSW Late BirdMontreal Scrabblefest5/27/202453CollinsView Flyer
Castine Scrabble Tournament Early Bird -- NWLCastine, ME5/31/202459NWLView Flyer
Castine Scrabble Tournament Early Bird -- CollinsCastine, ME5/31/202456CollinsView Flyer
Castine Scrabble Tournament -- NWLCastine, ME6/1/2024 - 6/2/20241410NWLView Flyer
Castine Scrabble Tournament -- CollinsCastine, ME6/1/2024 - 6/2/2024146CollinsView Flyer
SWILLLNSCorrales, NM6/8/2024 - 6/9/20241824NWLView Flyer
Word Cup 2024, Early Bird -- NWLWord Cup 2024, Early Bird -- NWL (Albuquerque NM)7/26/2024519NWLView Website
Word Cup 2024, Early Bird -- CollinsAlbuquerque NM7/26/202450CollinsView Website
Word Cup 2024 - NWLWord Cup 2024 - NWL (Albuquerque NM)7/27/2024 - 7/31/20243176NWLView Website
Word Cup 2024 -- CollinsAlbuquerque NM7/27/2024 - 7/31/2024310CollinsView Website
MSP Summer Tourney - Saturday Eagan, MN8/24/2024727NWLView Flyer
MSP Summer Tourney - SaturdayEagan, MN8/24/202473CollinsView Flyer
MSP Summer Tourney - SundayEagan, MN8/25/2024627NWLView Flyer
MSP Summer Tourney - SundayEagan, MN8/25/202463CollinsView Flyer