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Melvin, Cheryl

Total Winnings: $2,195

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1WCC EB1Reno, NV2010/06/3046000A15 of 24$25Standard130915191333
2WCC EB2Reno, NV2010/07/0144000D5 of 8-Standard133311961318
3WCC MainReno, NV2010/07/02 - 2010/07/051414000B24 of 48-Standard131812871309
4Twin Cities Redeye TournamentBloomington, MN2011/01/15 - 2011/01/161416000B9 of 16-Standard130912251273
5Linden, MI TournamentLinden, MI2011/05/2133100B2 of 6$20Standard127310641256
6Linden, MI TournamentLinden, MI2011/09/1152000B1 of 6$140Standard125613681265
7Malaga to Rio de Janeiro CruiseSpain to Brazil2012/12/02 - 2012/12/18820000A7 of 8$30Standard126511231223
8Australia - New Zealand CruiseAustralia - New Zealand2013/01/16 - 2013/01/28128000B3 of 6$20Standard122311641213
9WGPO Word Cup - Early BirdAurora, CO2013/08/0234000C6 of 10-Standard121310961201
10WGPO Word Cup - Main EventAurora, CO2013/08/03 - 2013/08/071714000C11 of 26-Standard120112931245
11Transpacific CruiseSydney, Australia2014/04/11 - 2014/04/272316100B4 of 6-Standard124511841211
122014 WGPO Word Cup CollinsMadison, WI2014/08/02 - 2014/08/061018030A6 of 8-Collins121112121220
13Spanish Transatlantic CruiseBarcelona, Spain2014/10/27 - 2014/11/101118003A10 of 12$20Standard121112221222
14Madison Summer Tourney TWLMadison, WI2015/07/10 - 2015/07/12126000B2 of 24$330Standard122213501255
15Word Cup V - Main EventPortland, OR2015/09/05 - 2015/09/092011000B4 of 44$440Standard125515261399
16Ought or Aught TournamentWhite Lake, MI2016/06/1214000A6 of 6-Standard139911421384
17Cineast Women's TournamentCastine, Maine2016/06/19 - 2016/06/21610000A10 of 16-Standard138410061304
18Word Cup 2016 - WJ2/TWL3 Late BirdPhoenix, AZ2016/08/0322000B8 of 12-Standard124312101242
19Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZ2016/07/30 - 2016/08/031219000B34 of 36$40Standard130411571243
20London, Paris & MontrealAzamara Quest2016/09/09 - 2016/09/24717000A10 of 10-Standard124210861208
21Baltic SeaScandinavia/Russia2017/06/18 - 2017/07/02159000A5 of 14$10Standard120815421312
22Party and Scrabble at David's HouseWhite Lake, MI2017/07/0833000B5 of 8-Standard131211751300
23Word Cup 7 - Springfield, MASpringfield Monarch Place Hotel, MA2017/07/29 - 2017/08/02723010A13 of 14-Collins122011601196
24Miami to Lisbon CruiseAzamara Quest2018/04/07 - 2018/04/20138003A6 of 12-Standard130013151301
25Japanese Explorer CruiseJapan2018/09/30 - 2018/10/13106000A4 of 12$185Standard130115101349
26Western Caribbean ScrabbleFort Lauderdale, FL2019/01/20 - 2019/01/2762000A2 of 10$70Standard134916751383
27Collins Word Cup Early BirdCoral Gables, FL2019/07/1916000A10 of 10-Collins11966301164
28Word Cup 9 CollinsCoral Gables, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/24823000A15 of 16$30Collins116411331159
29The One Hundred GamesSanta Fe, NM2019/08/03 - 2019/08/112773000A20 of 20-Standard138312621311
30Panama Canal cruiseMiami, FL to San Diego, CA2019/10/25 - 2019/11/091216000A8 of 12-Standard131113011304
31Scrabble VietnamVietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong2020/01/18 - 2020/02/01138000A3 of 8$100Standard130413451313
32Palmetto Upstate ClassicGreenville, SC2020/02/15 - 2020/02/17137000B2 of 10$200Standard131314581344
334th Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripGeneva-on-the-Lake OH2021/09/13 - 2021/09/16517000A12 of 12-Standard13449651262
3437th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21317000B28 of 28-Standard12627001143
355th Annual Scrabble and Baseball Road TripSturbridge MA2022/06/19 - 2022/06/22139000A5 of 14$120Standard114315881288
36Word Cup 10 - CollinsChicagoland - West Suburbs2022/07/09 - 2022/07/131118110B28 of 32-Collins115911571168
37The 50 Games InvitationalAlbuquerque, NM2022/08/12 - 2022/08/161434040A12 of 13$20Standard128811841270
38WGPO Midwest Regional -- CollinsMadison WI2022/11/11 - 2022/11/13512000A10 of 12-Collins116811951186
39Crescent City Cup - CollinsDrury Plaza Hotel New Orleans2023/01/14 - 2023/01/16515000B14 of 14-Collins11869701135
40WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- CollinsPhoenix AZ2023/02/18 - 2023/02/20911000A11 of 14$125Collins113514081198
41Big Island WGPO Tour - Main EventKailua-Kona2023/06/19 - 2023/06/2159000A9 of 12-Standard127011781254
42Big Island Tour - Mini 1 CSWPahala, HI2023/06/2231000A2 of 4$10Collins119815891221
43Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 2 - CSWNaalehu, HI2023/06/2422010A3 of 5-Collins122113191226
44Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 3 - CSWNaalehu, HI2023/06/2504010A5 of 5-Collins12262911191
45Word Cup 2023 - CollinsAlbany, NY2023/06/30 - 2023/07/04822010A50 of 53-Collins119112581215
46Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 1Dana Point CA2023/08/1733000B4 of 8-Standard125411471244
47Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 2Dana Point CA2023/08/1815000B8 of 8-Standard12445741190
4832nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - Early Bird - CollinsPortland, OR2023/09/0126000A11 of 12-Collins12159061187
4932nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - CollinsPortland, OR2023/09/02 - 2023/09/04137000B2 of 6$260Collins118713401227