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Mancine, Dominick

Total Winnings: $5,027

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1WCC EB1Reno, NV2010/06/3064000A7 of 24-Standard187618411872
2WCC MainReno, NV2010/07/02 - 2010/07/051711000A7 of 38$100Standard187219571907
3Reno MLK Early BirdReno, NV2011/01/1462000A2 of 8$150Standard190721441929
4Reno MLK Main EventReno, NV2011/01/15 - 2011/01/17118000A8 of 24$5Standard192919011925
52011 WGPO Word Cup Early BirdReno, NV2011/07/0162000A5 of 46-Standard192518501920
62011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NV2011/07/02 - 2011/07/062213000A4 of 32$350Standard192020461975
7Reno MLK - EBReno, NV2012/01/1353000A4 of 22$90Standard197516861955
8Reno MLK - MainReno, NV2012/01/14 - 2012/01/16108010A5 of 14-Standard195518831939
92012 West Coast Championships - EBReno, NV2012/06/2935000A7 of 10-Standard193915181900
102012 West Coast Championships - MainReno, NV2012/06/30 - 2012/07/03198000A2 of 47$750Standard190020381942
112012 West Coast Championships - LBReno, NV2012/07/03 - 2012/07/0435000A8 of 12-Standard194213041886
12Scrabblequerque 2012Albuquerque, NM2012/09/08 - 2012/09/0984000A2 of 12$200Standard188618011875
13Denver-Boulder Scrabble TournamentBroomfield, CO2012/10/1362000A2 of 8$80Standard187517581867
14Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NV2013/01/1844000A9 of 22-Standard186716351845
15Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2013/01/19 - 2013/01/21109000A17 of 45-Standard184516801811
16LovelandLoveland, CO2013/01/2662000A1 of 10$97Standard181118891817
17Rocky Mountain Rumble - Early BirdDenver, CO2013/04/2641000A1 of 6$80Standard181719751824
18Rocky Mountain Rumble - Main EventDenver, CO2013/04/26 - 2013/04/28114000A1 of 12$1,000Standard182418591829
19Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2013/05/25 - 2013/05/27145000A1 of 22$500Standard182920041866
202013 West Coast Championship - EB 2Reno, NV2013/07/0253000A3 of 10$60Standard186617551857
212013 West Coast Championship - EB 3Reno, NV2013/07/0353000A3 of 8$60Standard185719431866
222013 West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2013/07/04 - 2013/07/071610010A3 of 21$235Standard186618441864
23LovelandLoveland, CO2013/07/1344000A4 of 10-Standard186414841831
24WGPO Word Cup - Early BirdAurora, CO2013/08/0243000A4 of 10-Standard183118071829
25WGPO Word Cup - Main EventAurora, CO2013/08/03 - 2013/08/071614010A11 of 31-Standard182917221800
26Labor Day WeekendPortland, Oregon2013/08/31 - 2013/09/02182000A1 of 20$325Standard180023441875
27Loveland Scrabble TourneyLoveland, CO2013/11/0962000A1 of 8$71Standard187519081878
282014 Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NV2014/01/1753000A4 of 13-Standard187816011857
292014 Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2014/01/18 - 2014/01/20136000A3 of 22$305Standard185717661847
30Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2014/02/1444000A4 of 8-Standard184717121835
31Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2014/02/15 - 2014/02/17119000A6 of 20-Standard183517661823
32Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2014/05/24 - 2014/05/26613000A16 of 18$30Standard182313501707
33West Coast Championship - EB Action EventReno, NV2014/07/02102000A1 of 8$150Action170717141708
34West Coast Championship - EB EventReno, NV2014/07/0380000A1 of 16$200Standard170723721759
35West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2014/07/04 - 2014/07/061010000A6 of 12$5Standard175916221721
36Denver Area TourneyBroomfield, CO2014/07/1362000A1 of 10$85Standard172119281743
37Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CO2014/11/0871000A1 of 8$62Standard174322171788
38Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CO2015/03/2153000A3 of 10$37Standard178817731788