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WGPO Player Statistics
Canterman, Naurlene

Total Winnings: $1,800

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1Tucson One-Day TournamentTucson AZ1969/12/3140000A1 of 4$60SuperScrabble135316841369
2Van Rand Phoenix Tournament 2024Phoenix, AZ1969/12/31811100B14 of 18-Standard135812871337
3Pagosa Springs OpenPagosa Springs, CO2011/08/26 - 2011/09/02119000A4 of 12$45Standard127112171259
4TucsonTucson, AZ2012/11/1753000A4 of 8-Standard125916061300
5Tucson One-DayTucson, AZ2012/12/2225000A3 of 4-Standard130011691290
6The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - EBPhoenix, AZ2013/02/1553000B1 of 8$100Standard129015041317
7The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - MEPhoenix, AZ2013/02/16 - 2013/02/18119000B9 of 20-Standard131713611332
8Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2014/02/1435000C5 of 8-Standard133211331307
9Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2014/02/15 - 2014/02/17137000C2 of 20$430Standard130714291344
10Phoenix 2015 Early BirdPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by Hilt2015/02/1344000C4 of 8-Standard134413341343
11Phoenix 2015 Main EventPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by Hilt2015/02/14 - 2015/02/16911000B11 of 20$20Standard134314351321
12Super Scrabbleâ„¢Laguna Woods, CA2016/01/16 - 2016/01/1742000A7 of 26$5SuperScrabble132116271353
13Phoenix 2016 Early BirdDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- Tempe2016/02/1253000B4 of 8-Standard132115761353
14Phoenix 2016 Main EventDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- Tempe2016/02/13 - 2016/02/15128000B6 of 20-Standard135315261403
15Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZ2016/07/30 - 2016/08/031417000B27 of 36-Standard140312621338
16Word Cup 2016 - WJ2/TWL3 Late BirdPhoenix, AZ2016/08/0313000A9 of 12-Standard133813741340
1733rd Annual Phoenix Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2017/02/1762000C3 of 8$60Standard134016491375
1833rd Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZ2017/02/18 - 2017/02/20713000B17 of 20-Standard137511671319
1934th Annual Phoenix Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2018/02/1653000C3 of 8$80Standard131914161331
2034th Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZ2018/02/17 - 2018/02/191010000B11 of 20-Standard133113711345
21Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CA2018/07/07 - 2018/07/11247000B3 of 32$500Standard134517121490
22Tempe Fall One-Day TournamentTempe, AZ2018/09/2326000A8 of 8-Standard149011621456
2335th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2019/02/16 - 2019/02/18812000B14 of 20-Standard145612091390
24Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/241516000B18 of 32-Standard139012451327
25The One Hundred GamesSanta Fe, NM2019/08/03 - 2019/08/113564100A17 of 20-Standard132713841373
26Long Beach Late Summer ClassicLong Beach2019/09/0834000B4 of 8$15Standard137313021365
27WGPO Returns to Reno -- Early BirdReno, NV2019/10/1804000C4 of 4-Standard13653791322
28WGPO Returns to RenoReno, NV2019/10/19 - 2019/10/20311000B12 of 12$25Standard13229181245
2936th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2020/01/1753000B3 of 8$70Standard124512851252
3036th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZ2020/01/18 - 2020/01/20812000B14 of 18-Standard125210401190
3137th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21911000B17 of 28-Standard119012661209
32Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament -- TWLLas Vegas NV2022/10/15 - 2022/10/1676010B8 of 22-Standard120913341236
33WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- NWLPhoenix AZ2023/02/18 - 2023/02/20119000B9 of 20-Standard123613761276
342nd Annual Las Vegas Scrabble near the Strip - Early Bird - TWLLas Vegas NV2023/10/0621100B3 of 8$40Standard127617281309
352nd Annual Las Vegas Scrabble near the Strip - TWLLas Vegas NV2023/10/07 - 2023/10/08104000B2 of 16$350Standard130915591358