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Geary, Jane

Total Winnings: $1,205

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1Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZ2010/11/0635000B7 of 8-Standard121410341194
2Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZ2011/10/0144000B5 of 12-Standard11948531159
3Phoenix - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2012/02/18 - 2012/02/20712100C16 of 20-Standard115910221118
4Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZ2012/04/2144000B6 of 10-Standard111810831117
5Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZ2012/09/2942110B2 of 7$50Standard111711341119
6ASU @ ASUTempe, AZ2013/01/1935000A8 of 10-Standard111911811125
7The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - MEPhoenix, AZ2013/02/16 - 2013/02/18119000C8 of 20$20Standard112511481131
8Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZ2013/09/2862000B2 of 10$60Standard113113351153
9Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2014/02/15 - 2014/02/17911000C16 of 20-Standard115311661172
10Phoenix One DayChris Ridge Village2014/09/2744000B6 of 8-Standard117211741173
11Phoenix 2015 Main EventPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by Hilt2015/02/14 - 2015/02/16137000C5 of 20-Standard117312371206
12Phoenix One DayPhoenix, AZ2015/10/1053000B4 of 12$40Standard120610311188
13Phoenix 2016 Main EventDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- Tempe2016/02/13 - 2016/02/15118100C6 of 20-Standard118812741215
14Phoenix One DayPhoenix, AZ2016/03/1962000B1 of 6$70Standard121513101225
15Tempe One-Day TournamentTempe, AZ2016/05/1517000B8 of 8-Standard12255041152
16Word Cup 2016 - WJ2/TWL3 Late BirdPhoenix, AZ2016/08/0331000B2 of 12$50Standard124615851266
17Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZ2016/07/30 - 2016/08/031515100B19 of 36$300Standard115213341246
18Phoenix One Day2544 W. Mesquite Street, Chandler2016/10/0135000A8 of 10-Standard126612581266
1933rd Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZ2017/02/18 - 2017/02/201010000C12 of 20-Standard126611501236
20Tempe One-Day TourneyTempe, AZ2017/10/0826000A8 of 8-Standard123612521237
2134th Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZ2018/02/17 - 2018/02/191010000C9 of 20$20Standard123711481209
22Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CA2018/07/07 - 2018/07/111120000B28 of 32-Standard120911211173
23Tempe Fall One-Day TournamentTempe, AZ2018/09/2335000B7 of 8-Standard11739981151
2435th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2019/02/16 - 2019/02/18119000C10 of 20-Standard115111881156
25Four Corners ScrabbleDurango, CO2019/05/04 - 2019/05/0558000B9 of 12-Standard11569141113
26Word Cup 9 Early BirdCoral Gables, FL2019/07/1943000B4 of 8-Standard111313551140
27Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/241417000B21 of 32-Standard114012121171
28Tempe Fall One-Day TournamentTempe, AZ2019/09/2853000B3 of 8$50Standard117111091165
2936th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZ2020/01/18 - 2020/01/20910100B10 of 18-Standard116511411169
3037th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21911000B19 of 28-Standard116912471191
31Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament -- TWLLas Vegas NV2022/10/15 - 2022/10/1666020B6 of 22$210Standard119113371218
32WGPO Midwest Regional -- TWLMadison WI2022/11/11 - 2022/11/1398000B11 of 16$295Standard121813981270
33Crescent City CupDrury Plaza Hotel New Orleans2023/01/14 - 2023/01/16613010A34 of 36-Standard127013251282
34WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- NWLPhoenix AZ2023/02/18 - 2023/02/201010000B11 of 20$40Standard128213101290
35Greeneye 4 - NWLMinneapolis, MN2023/03/18 - 2023/03/19815000A13 of 16-Standard129012821296
36Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2023/05/1324010A9 of 11-Standard129612741294
37Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2023/05/1441001B4 of 8-Standard129417001324
38Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 1 -- NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/2934000C4 of 8-Standard132411781308
39Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 2 -- NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/3032000G3 of 6-Standard130814071315
40Word Cup 2023 - NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/30 - 2023/07/041118110B58 of 65-Standard131513101311