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Unger, Dan

Total Winnings: $2,745

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1Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA1969/12/3160000A1 of 4$50Standard127414151286
2Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA1969/12/3114010A8 of 9-Standard12929741274
3WCC EB2Reno, NV2010/07/0153000D3 of 8$60Standard132213771328
4WCC MainReno, NV2010/07/02 - 2010/07/051116100B38 of 48-Standard132811851270
5Reno MLK Early BirdReno, NV2011/01/1471000D1 of 8$250Standard127017591316
6Reno MLK Main EventReno, NV2011/01/15 - 2011/01/17910000B30 of 56-Standard131613251314
7Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2011/05/28 - 2011/05/30152110B1 of 19$320Standard131418371434
82011 WGPO Word Cup Early BirdReno, NV2011/07/0135000A38 of 46-Standard143412401413
92011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NV2011/07/02 - 2011/07/061718000B39 of 62-Standard141313021358
102012 West Coast Championships - EBReno, NV2012/06/2962000B2 of 12$150Standard135815431377
112012 West Coast Championships - MainReno, NV2012/06/30 - 2012/07/031215000A33 of 47$10Standard137712171324
12Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NV2013/01/1826000A21 of 22-Standard13249731293
13Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2013/01/19 - 2013/01/21910000A26 of 45$20Standard129311721270
14Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2013/05/25 - 2013/05/27712000A19 of 22-Standard127013451289
152013 West Coast Championship - EB 3Reno, NV2013/07/0353000B2 of 6$80Standard128913921300
162013 West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2013/07/04 - 2013/07/071214010A15 of 21$10Standard130013381309
172014 Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NV2014/01/1744000A6 of 13-Standard130913731315
182014 Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2014/01/18 - 2014/01/20712000A21 of 22$10Standard131513221317
19Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2014/05/24 - 2014/05/26134110B1 of 21$250Standard131715061358
20West Coast Championship - EB EventReno, NV2014/07/0353000A6 of 16$80Standard135816401390
21West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2014/07/04 - 2014/07/06146000B4 of 18$85Standard139014301403
22Reno MLK - EBReno, NV2015/01/1644000A7 of 14$20Standard140315211415
23Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2015/01/17 - 2015/01/19109000B9 of 18$10Standard141511331360
242nd Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2015/05/23 - 2015/05/25125010B2 of 19$220Standard136014221372
252015 Reno SummerReno, NV2015/07/04 - 2015/07/05115000B3 of 18-Standard137214201382
26Word Cup V - Main EventPortland, OR2015/09/05 - 2015/09/091912000B7 of 44$210Standard138215041436
27Reno MLK 2016Reno, NV2016/01/16 - 2016/01/17106000A3 of 18$90Standard143613501420
28Summer Reno 2016Reno, Nevada2016/07/02 - 2016/07/03115000A3 of 22$270Standard142016841475
29Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZ2016/07/30 - 2016/08/031516000B21 of 36-Standard147512941399
30Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Main EventCampbell, CA2017/05/06 - 2017/05/0778010B10 of 20-Standard139912801372
31Grand Canyon 36Grand Canyon South Rim2017/11/09 - 2017/11/12125000C2 of 16$400Standard137215861421
32Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2018/05/26 - 2018/05/28911000B6 of 8-Standard142112571377
33Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CA2018/07/07 - 2018/07/111516000B18 of 32-Standard137712871338
34WGPO Returns to Reno -- Early BirdReno, NV2019/10/1822000C3 of 4-Standard133813201338
35WGPO Returns to RenoReno, NV2019/10/19 - 2019/10/2077000B8 of 12-Standard133813451340
36Return to Scrabble TournamentMenlo Park, CA2021/06/1915000A10 of 10-Standard13408981310
37Return to Scrabble TournamentSan Jose CA2021/07/0324000B6 of 8-Standard13109471281
38First Sunday -- TWLSan Jose CA2022/06/0533000A5 of 8-Standard128115891307
39Word Cup 10 - Early BirdChicagoland - West Suburbs2022/07/0851000D2 of 6$60Standard130717841352
40Word Cup 10Chicagoland - West Suburbs2022/07/09 - 2022/07/131714000C17 of 42-Standard135212681317
41Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2022/10/0942000A3 of 9$30Standard131715881336
42Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2022/12/1833000A5 of 8-Standard133614281343
43Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/01/2233000B3 of 6$30Standard134311431327
44Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/03/2624000B6 of 6-Standard132711381311
45Bay Area Monthly Tournament -- NWL Div 2Redwood City CA2023/04/3042010A3 of 7$30Standard131113841317
46Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/05/2124000A3 of 4-Standard131712581312
47Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/07/2314010A5 of 5-Standard131210561297
48Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/08/2724000A5 of 6-Standard129712391292