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Aitken, John

Total Winnings: $2,620

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1Vancouver One DayVancouver, BC1969/12/3153000B4 of 8$40Standard107811481088
2Scrabble in the RedwoodsScrabble in the Redwoods (Fortuna CA)1969/12/31116000B3 of 8$100Standard99913041078
3Van Rand Phoenix Tournament 2024Phoenix, AZ1969/12/31713000C18 of 18-Standard1016946999
49th Annual Canadian OpenCalgary, AB1969/12/31147000B3 of 10$85Standard95911671016
5WCC EB1Reno, NV2010/06/3037000A23 of 24-Standard105511721067
6WCC MainReno, NV2010/07/02 - 2010/07/051012105B42 of 48-Standard106712131114
7Reno MLK Early BirdReno, NV2011/01/1434100D6 of 8-Standard111410381105
8Reno MLK Main EventReno, NV2011/01/15 - 2011/01/17711100B47 of 56-Standard110510971099
9Phoenix, AZ Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2011/02/1853000D5 of 8-Standard109912991124
10Phoenix, AZ Main EventPhoenix, AZ2011/02/19 - 2011/02/21911000C14 of 20-Standard112411111125
11Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2011/05/28 - 2011/05/3099010B10 of 19$50Standard112512471159
122011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NV2011/07/02 - 2011/07/061025000B60 of 62$40Standard11599701077
13Los Milagros - 1Los Cabos, Mexico2011/12/02 - 2011/12/0353000C3 of 6-Standard107711741088
14Los Milagros - 2Los Cabos, Mexico2011/12/0415000A14 of 14-Standard10887591068
15Reno MLK - EBReno, NV2012/01/1344000A11 of 22$75Standard106813831102
16Reno MLK - MainReno, NV2012/01/14 - 2012/01/16711010B23 of 31$130Standard110211211110
17Phoenix - Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2012/02/1735000D7 of 8-Standard11109991097
18Phoenix - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2012/02/18 - 2012/02/20416000C20 of 20-Standard10977491005
19Silicon Valley Showdown Scrabble TournamentCampbell, CA2012/05/26 - 2012/05/28910000B14 of 20$90Standard100512371064
20WGPO Word Cup 2012Bloomington, MN2012/08/04 - 2012/08/081911100C2 of 22$500Standard106411381096
21Scrabble on the IslandVictoria, BC, Canada2012/08/1862000B1 of 10$90Standard109612301110
22The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - EBPhoenix, AZ2013/02/1535000C7 of 8-Standard111010241099
23The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - MEPhoenix, AZ2013/02/16 - 2013/02/18515000C20 of 20-Standard10997311003
24Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2013/05/25 - 2013/05/27910000B15 of 26$20Standard100311031026
25WGPO Word Cup - Early BirdAurora, CO2013/08/0234000D5 of 8-Standard10268181006
26WGPO Word Cup - Main EventAurora, CO2013/08/03 - 2013/08/072011000D4 of 22$250Standard100611921116
27Labor Day - Late BirdPortland, Oregon2013/09/0222000A7 of 16$30Standard107111531075
28Labor Day WeekendPortland, Oregon2013/08/31 - 2013/09/021010000B9 of 20-Standard11169441071
29Cabo San Lucas ICabo San Lucas2013/12/0813000C3 of 4-Standard10757591058
30Cabo San Lucas IICabo San Lucas2013/12/09 - 2013/12/1288000B5 of 8-Standard105810161048
312014 Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2014/01/18 - 2014/01/20127000B5 of 20$330Standard104812661097
32Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2014/02/1453000E4 of 8-Standard109711621105
33Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2014/02/15 - 2014/02/17911000D25 of 32-Standard11058121028
34Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2014/05/24 - 2014/05/26117010B7 of 21-Standard102812791091
352014 WGPO Word Cup Main EventMadison, WI2014/08/02 - 2014/08/061615000C16 of 32-Standard109111771127
3625th Anniversary Portland, OR Late BirdPortland, OR2014/09/0122000A10 of 16-Standard112914441148
3725th Anniversary Portland, OR Main EventPortland, OR2014/08/30 - 2014/09/01812000B21 of 26-Standard112711061129
38Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Early BirdCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/0731000C1 of 6$40Standard114812871157
39Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Main EventCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/08 - 2014/12/1179000B7 of 10-Standard11579181100
40Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Late BirdCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/1231000B2 of 4$20Standard110014631122
41Reno MLK - EBReno, NV2015/01/1626000A14 of 14-Standard11229131104
42Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NV2015/01/17 - 2015/01/19613000B15 of 18-Standard11048571044
43Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CA2018/07/07 - 2018/07/111021000B32 of 32-Standard104410671054
44Portland, Oregon Early BirdPortland, OR2018/08/3135000C6 of 8-Standard105410061048
45Portland, Oregon Main Event TWL3Portland, OR2018/09/01 - 2018/09/03127010C6 of 17-Standard104810451041
4635th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2019/02/16 - 2019/02/18811100C15 of 20-Standard104110261035
47Sixth Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2019/05/25 - 2019/05/27811000A10 of 14-Standard103510811042
48Word Cup 9 Early BirdCoral Gables, FL2019/07/1943000C4 of 8-Standard104210471043
49Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/241714000C13 of 38-Standard104310271045
50Labor Day Weekend Early BirdPortland, OR2019/08/3053000B4 of 12-Standard104512181065
51Labor Day Weekend Main EventPortland, OR2019/08/31 - 2019/09/02119000C5 of 12$20Standard106510311056
52WGPO Returns to Reno -- Early BirdReno, NV2019/10/1831000E1 of 4$75Standard105611151059
53WGPO Returns to RenoReno, NV2019/10/19 - 2019/10/2077000C8 of 12$25Standard10599531037
5436th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2020/01/1735000C6 of 8-Standard1037578988
5536th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZ2020/01/18 - 2020/01/20127010C5 of 17-Standard98810711011
56Palmetto Upstate ClassicGreenville, SC2020/02/15 - 2020/02/17713000C8 of 10-Standard1011792951
57Fall Scrabble TournamentLake Oswego OR2021/11/1442000B3 of 8$30Standard95114381007
5837th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21137000C2 of 10$330Standard100712211062
59Calgary Spring TournamentCalgary, AB, CAN2022/04/30 - 2022/05/0158010A12 of 15$10Standard10628051018
608th Canadian OpenCalgary, AB, CAN2022/09/30 - 2022/10/021011000B5 of 8-Standard1018875983
61WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- NWLPhoenix AZ2023/02/18 - 2023/02/20514010C15 of 17$20Standard983683914
62Calgary Spring TournamentCalgary, AB, CAN2023/04/01 - 2023/04/0249010A10 of 13$70Standard914843902
6332nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - Early Bird - NWLPortland, OR2023/09/0153000C2 of 12$150Standard9021292956
6432nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - NWLPortland, OR2023/09/02 - 2023/09/04812000C8 of 14-Standard956948959