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Ward, Bruce

Total Winnings: $1,475

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1Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3124000A4 of 6-Collins179713311766
2Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3124000A3 of 4-Collins181615281797
3Bay Area Tournament -- Collins (RELOCATED FROM REDWOOD CITY)San Mateo CA (RELOCATED FROM REDWOOD CITY)1969/12/3133000A2 of 6$40Collins177514791752
4California Open -- CollinsPalm Springs CA1969/12/31107000A3 of 6-Collins176615981731
5Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3124000A3 of 4-Collins179615211775
6Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3142000A2 of 4$30Collins180120201816
7Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3151000A1 of 4$50Collins179018181796
8Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CA1969/12/3150010A1 of 5$50Collins173126651790
9WCC MainReno, NV2010/07/02 - 2010/07/051513000A13 of 38$190Standard161017641672
10Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2011/05/28 - 2011/05/30127000A4 of 18$80Standard167219261753
11Mountain ViewMountain View, CA2012/12/1615000A6 of 6-Standard175312221711
12Mountain ViewMountain View, CA2013/04/2142000A2 of 12$30Standard171118781727
13Mill ValleyMill Valley, CA2013/08/1832100A8 of 25-Standard172716001717
14Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2014/05/24 - 2014/05/26118000A5 of 18$25Standard171717081719
15Mill ValleyMill Valley, CA2014/08/1724000A16 of 18-Standard171913141685
16Mill Valley One-DayMill Valley, CA2015/08/2351000A1 of 16$140Standard168519181702
173rd Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial TournamentCampbell, CA2016/05/28 - 2016/05/30127000A3 of 14$100Standard170218951758
18Marin County One-DayCorte Madera, CA2016/10/0942000A6 of 22-Standard175817561758
19Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Main EventCampbell, CA2017/05/06 - 2017/05/0797000A7 of 14-Standard175817451755
20Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2018/05/26 - 2018/05/28146000A1 of 6$230Collins172715591677
21Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2018/06/1680000A1 of 4$70Collins167722081737
22Mill Valley Spring BreakMill Valley, CA2019/03/3071000A1 of 4$70Collins173719681759
23Sixth Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2019/05/25 - 2019/05/27163000A1 of 8$150Collins175919291799
24Words by the BayMill Valley, CA2019/08/1860000A1 of 4-Collins179920371808
25North Bay Scrabble - CollinsMill Valley CA2021/12/1242000A2 of 6$40Collins180815681795
26Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament - CollinsLas Vegas NV2022/10/15 - 2022/10/1695000A3 of 8$20Collins179516941778
27Bay Area Monthly Tournament - CollinsRedwood City CA2023/03/2651000A1 of 4$50Collins177817361776
28Springtime Words -- CollinsMill Valley CA2023/04/1551010A2 of 7$60Collins177619861787
29Bay Area Monthly Tournament -- CSWRedwood City CA2023/04/3051000A1 of 6$50Collins178720411801
30Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Div 1Redwood City CA2023/06/1833000A3 of 4-Standard175517101751