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Demeter, Jon

Total Winnings: $1,475

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1Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA1969/12/3133000A3 of 4-Standard144916401466
2Scrabble in the RedwoodsScrabble in the Redwoods (Fortuna CA)1969/12/31107000A3 of 8$100Standard149916221529
3Van Rand Phoenix Tournament 2024Phoenix, AZ1969/12/31137000B2 of 18$600Standard146616201514
4Bay Area Monthly TournamentSan Mateo CA1969/12/3142000B2 of 6$40Standard152917001545
5Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA1969/12/3132010A4 of 9$30Standard144015421449
6Bay Area Tournament -- NWL (RELOCATED FROM REDWOOD CITY)San Mateo CA (RELOCATED FROM REDWOOD CITY)1969/12/3142000B3 of 8$30Standard149615341499
7Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CA1969/12/3151000A2 of 8$50Standard137420641440
8Monthly Bay Area Tournament - 7 roundsRedwood City CA1969/12/3124010A5 of 7-Standard151412951496
9Mountain View CA TournamentMountain View, CA2010/08/1533000B3 of 6$10Standard134513571348
10Oct. Mountain View CA TournamentMountain View, CA2010/10/1724000A16 of 18-Standard134810211321
11Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CA2011/01/2315000A11 of 12-Standard13218701291
12Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CA2011/02/2042000A3 of 14$30Standard129118301350
13Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CA2011/03/2042000A2 of 12$35Standard135016681373
14Mountain ViewMountain View, CA2012/02/1942000A4 of 12$20Standard137312931369
15Mountain ViewMountain View, CA2013/05/1933000A6 of 12$30Standard136915651384
16Mountain ViewMountain View, CA2013/07/2133000A6 of 8-Standard138411941372
17HaywardHayward, CA2014/10/1914010A12 of 13-Standard13728601341
18Grand Canyon 36Grand Canyon South Rim2017/11/09 - 2017/11/12116000C4 of 16-Standard134115071382
19Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2018/06/1644000A4 of 6$10Standard138213711382
20Harvest of Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2018/09/2244000A4 of 8-Standard138212881373
21Mill Valley Spring BreakMill Valley, CA2019/03/3035000A5 of 6-Standard137313821374
22Harvest of Words in Wine Country IISanta Rosa, CA2019/09/2143100A3 of 8-Standard137411001346
2336th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZ2020/01/18 - 2020/01/20812000A13 of 18-Standard134614611375
24Return to Scrabble TournamentMenlo Park, CA2021/06/1951000A2 of 10$30Standard137520001439
25Return to Scrabble TournamentSan Jose CA2021/07/0351000B2 of 8$40Standard143917971465
2629th Annual Silicon Valley ClassicCampbell CA2021/08/13 - 2021/08/15810000A6 of 8-Standard146514591466
27First Sunday Scrabble TournamentMenlo Park CA2021/10/0315000A6 of 6-Standard146611191442
28North Bay Scrabble -- TWLMill Valley CA2021/12/1251000A1 of 6$60Standard144220551510
2937th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21515000A15 of 16-Standard151013221464
30Scrabble Division BMenlo Park CA2022/03/1351000A1 of 8$70Standard146418221488
31First Sunday -- TWLSan Jose CA2022/06/0524000A6 of 8-Standard148813151474
32Summer Outdoor Scrabble TournamentMoraga CA2022/08/2734000A6 of 10-Standard147412671452
33Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Division BRedwood City CA2022/09/1851010A1 of 7$50Standard145217921475
34Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2022/10/0922110A5 of 9-Standard147514201471
35Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament -- TWLLas Vegas NV2022/10/15 - 2022/10/1667010B10 of 22-Standard147112681433
36Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2022/11/2033000A4 of 6-Standard143312331420
37Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/01/2251000B1 of 6$50Standard142017681443
38Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/02/2615000B7 of 8-Standard14436521384
39Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/03/2633000B2 of 6$40Standard138413131378
40Springtime Words -- NWLMill Valley CA2023/04/1542000A2 of 8$60Standard137813441376
41Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/05/2133000A2 of 4$30Standard137614691384
42Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Div 2Redwood City CA2023/06/1842010A3 of 7$30Standard138415721399
43Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/07/2323010A3 of 5-Standard139913441395
44Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CA2023/08/2733000A3 of 6$30Standard139514311398
4532nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - NWLPortland, OR2023/09/02 - 2023/09/041010000B10 of 18-Standard139813001374