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Averell, Irene

Total Winnings: $910

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1Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2011/05/28 - 2011/05/30711010B14 of 19-Standard116210941157
22011 WGPO Word Cup Early BirdReno, NV2011/07/0126000A42 of 46-Standard11579451137
32011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NV2011/07/02 - 2011/07/061421000B49 of 62$10Standard113711481127
4Mill Valley TournamentMill Valley, CA2011/10/1642000A8 of 28$30Standard112715101157
5Silicon Valley Showdown Scrabble TournamentCampbell, CA2012/05/26 - 2012/05/28118000B5 of 20-Standard115712961195
62012 West Coast Championships - EBReno, NV2012/06/2944000B7 of 12$60Standard119513281211
72012 West Coast Championships - MainReno, NV2012/06/30 - 2012/07/031215000A32 of 47-Standard121111391188
8Mill Valley TournamentMill Valley, CA2012/08/1942000A9 of 26$10Standard118812831195
9Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CA2013/05/25 - 2013/05/27109000B10 of 26-Standard119511931193
10Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2014/05/24 - 2014/05/26810010B14 of 21-Standard119310821166
11West Coast Championship - EB Action EventReno, NV2014/07/0266000A5 of 8-Action116610281149
12West Coast Championship - EB EventReno, NV2014/07/0353000A4 of 16$55Standard116613291181
13West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2014/07/04 - 2014/07/06812000B12 of 18$5Standard11819391120
14Mill ValleyMill Valley, CA2014/08/1742000A7 of 18$35Standard112015111158
15Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Early BirdCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/0713000B4 of 4-Standard11588801143
16Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Main EventCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/08 - 2014/12/11511000B8 of 10$10Standard11436871039
17Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Late BirdCabo San Lucas, Mexico2014/12/1231000B1 of 4$40Standard103914911072
182nd Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2015/05/23 - 2015/05/2598010B9 of 19-Standard107212041103
192015 Reno SummerReno, NV2015/07/04 - 2015/07/05106000B7 of 18-Standard110313681163
20Mill Valley One-DayMill Valley, CA2015/08/2351000A2 of 16$110Standard116320121236
21Word Cup V - Early BirdPortland, OR2015/09/0453000C2 of 12$100Standard123611321227
22Word Cup V - Main EventPortland, OR2015/09/05 - 2015/09/091615000B20 of 44-Standard122713451278
233rd Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial TournamentCampbell, CA2016/05/28 - 2016/05/30811000B20 of 26-Standard127811121235
24Summer Reno 2016Reno, Nevada2016/07/02 - 2016/07/0388000A11 of 22$80Standard123513601260
25Marin County One-DayCorte Madera, CA2016/10/0933000A13 of 22-Standard126011931255
26Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Early BirdCampbell, CA2017/05/0513000C5 of 6-Standard125510361244
27Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Main EventCampbell, CA2017/05/06 - 2017/05/0778010B9 of 20-Standard124413121262
28Labor Day Weekend Early BirdPortland, Oregon2017/09/0135000B7 of 8-Standard126210701238
29Labor Day WeekendPortland, Oregon2017/09/02 - 2017/09/04812000B15 of 18-Standard123810871201
30Grand Canyon 36Grand Canyon South Rim2017/11/09 - 2017/11/12107000D10 of 27-Standard120112601195
31Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2018/05/26 - 2018/05/28109100B4 of 8$45Standard119513851246
32Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2018/06/1662000A1 of 6$100Standard124617511325
33Portland, Oregon Early BirdPortland, OR2018/08/3117000B8 of 8-Standard13257931276
34Portland, Oregon Main Event TWL3Portland, OR2018/09/01 - 2018/09/03812000B12 of 14-Standard127610471214
35Harvest of Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2018/09/2235000A6 of 8$10Standard121411251205
36Mill Valley Pre-Thanksgiving BashMill Valley, CA2018/11/1817000A6 of 6-Standard12057691169
37Mill Valley Spring BreakMill Valley, CA2019/03/3053000B3 of 6$30Standard116910021151
38Mother's Day in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CA2019/05/1235000A8 of 10-Standard11519261126
39Sixth Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CA2019/05/25 - 2019/05/27109000A6 of 14$50Standard112612941165
40Words in Wine Country IISanta Rosa2019/06/2335000A5 of 6-Standard116512941179
41Words by the BayMill Valley, CA2019/08/1824010B5 of 7-Standard11796601142
42Harvest of Words in Wine Country IISanta Rosa, CA2019/09/2153000A2 of 8$70Standard114212631155
43North Bay Scrabble -- TWLMill Valley CA2021/12/1242000B3 of 6$20Standard115513181172
44Springtime Words -- NWLMill Valley CA2023/04/1542000A3 of 8$40Standard117212581179
4532nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - Early Bird - NWLPortland, OR2023/09/0135000C10 of 12-Standard11799311149
4632nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - NWLPortland, OR2023/09/02 - 2023/09/04119000C7 of 14-Standard114911291145