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WGPO Player Statistics
O'Connell, Megan

Total Winnings: $1,205

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1WGPO MayDay TournamentBloomington, MN2010/05/01 - 2010/05/0286000B4 of 12$80Standard126514791312
2Minneapolis IMinneapolis, MN2010/08/2153000A7 of 24$20Standard131216051341
3MN vs. WI: Border Battle 2010Black River Falls, WI2010/09/11 - 2010/09/12111100B2 of 19$75Standard134116011369
4Twin Cities WGPO Fall Scrabble(R) TournamentBloomington, MN2010/11/13 - 2010/11/1449000B18 of 20$20Standard136910781313
5Twin Town TussleSt. Paul, MN2011/01/0144000A16 of 34-Standard131313721320
6Twin Cities March Madness Tournament #1Bloomington, MN2011/03/1262000C1 of 10$110Standard132016101353
7Wisconsin Dells - MainWisconsin Dells, WI2011/10/08 - 2011/10/09104000B2 of 16$190Standard135316261408
8Twin Cities WGPO Fall Scrabble(R) TournamentBloomington, MN2011/11/05 - 2011/11/0676000B4 of 14$45Standard140814161411
9Twin Cities Spring ScrabbleBloomington, MN2012/04/14 - 2012/04/1567000B10 of 14-Standard141112521379
10WGPO Word Cup 2012Bloomington, MN2012/08/04 - 2012/08/081516000B27 of 40-Standard137912981339
1129th Annual Dells Spell Tournament - MainWisconsin Dells, WI2012/10/13 - 2012/10/1476100B10 of 20-Standard133914571364
12Twin Cities Fall Scrabble TourneyBloomington, MN2012/11/10 - 2012/11/1185000B4 of 16$110Standard136415441400
13Doobie's "RUBIES & NEWBIES"Minneapolis, MN2013/03/2334000C6 of 8-Standard140012441383
14Minnesota vs Wisconsin Border BattleDecorah, IA2013/05/04 - 2013/05/0568000A16 of 26$10Standard138312711365
15Wisconsin Dells - Main EventWisconsin Dells, WI2013/10/12 - 2013/10/1377000B13 of 23$70Standard136513811368
16Twin Cities Fall TourneySt. Paul, MN2013/11/09 - 2013/11/10123000B1 of 8$125Standard136818631499
1731st Annual Dells Spell Tournament - Main EventWisconsin Dells, WI2014/10/11 - 2014/10/12113000B3 of 14$150Standard149918651568
18New Words Nerds Across La CrosseLa Crosse, WI2015/03/2843000A4 of 10-Standard156815481567
19Madison Summer Tourney TWLMadison, WI2015/07/10 - 2015/07/12512010A19 of 22-Standard156711501472
20PINKEYE TournamentBloomington, MN2016/01/16 - 2016/01/17610000A13 of 14-Standard147214221460
21Twin Cities Spring ScrabbleTwin Cities, MN2016/04/02 - 2016/04/03310000A12 of 12-Standard146012331422
22Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MN2018/02/2731000C1 of 4$15Standard142214121422
23Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2018/05/0553000A4 of 12-Standard142216761453
24Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2018/05/0633000B2 of 8-Standard145313421444
25Twin Cities AugustTwin Cities, MN2018/08/18 - 2018/08/1993000B1 of 10$185Standard144416771482
26Twin Cities Summer Tournament - SaturdayEagan, MN2023/08/2625000B7 of 8-Standard148210731440
27Twin Cities Summer Tournament - SundayEagan, MN2023/08/2724000B5 of 6-Standard144012331421
282nd Annual Midwest MajorMadison, WI2023/11/03 - 2023/11/05107000B6 of 28-Standard142114991441