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Swaney, Julia

Total Winnings: $5,012

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1Greeneye VBloomington, MN1969/12/31148100C3 of 12$275Standard103712191093
2Loveland Scrabble TournamentFort Collins, CO1969/12/3152010B2 of 7$55Standard109313561121
3New Mexico Fall 2023 Scrabble TournamentCorrales, New Mexico1969/12/3144000A7 of 12$50Standard108014231110
42011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NV2011/07/02 - 2011/07/061817000C10 of 20$210Standard663952850
52011 WGPO Word Cup Late BirdReno, NV2011/07/0625000B6 of 8-Standard850839849
6Pagosa Springs OpenPagosa Springs, CO2011/08/26 - 2011/09/02713000A10 of 12$5Standard849880855
7Grand Canyon XXXGrand Canyon, AZ2011/11/10 - 2011/11/13108000C8 of 24$240Standard8551180953
8Twin Cities Redeye VIIBloomington, MN2012/01/14 - 2012/01/151714002C4 of 14$100Standard95310901005
9Phoenix - Early BirdPhoenix, AZ2012/02/1762000F1 of 10$120Standard100511481020
10Phoenix - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2012/02/18 - 2012/02/20613010D16 of 19-Standard1020663930
11Bobbie Sageser Memorial TournamentDurango, CO2012/05/26 - 2012/05/28710100B9 of 12$50Standard930937933
12WGPO Word Cup 2012Bloomington, MN2012/08/04 - 2012/08/08490018C22 of 22-Standard933709891
13GRITS IIISavannah, GA2012/09/27 - 2012/09/3079000A12 of 16$60Standard8911048922
14Denver-Boulder Scrabble TournamentBroomfield, CO2012/10/1353000C4 of 12$31Standard922955927
15Twin Cities RedeyeBloomington, MN2013/01/19 - 2013/01/201716000C5 of 12$20Standard927971959
16LovelandLoveland, CO2013/01/2644000B6 of 10-Standard9591037971
17The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - EBPhoenix, AZ2013/02/1562000E1 of 12$140Standard9711185995
18The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - MEPhoenix, AZ2013/02/16 - 2013/02/18136010D2 of 13$290Standard99510741015
19Rocky Mountain Rumble - Early BirdDenver, CO2013/04/2632000B2 of 4$35Standard101512771035
20Rocky Mountain Rumble - Main EventDenver, CO2013/04/26 - 2013/04/28114000B1 of 8$300Standard103512391078
21LovelandLoveland, CO2013/07/1362000B2 of 9$26Standard107811441088
22WGPO Word Cup - Early BirdAurora, CO2013/08/0243000C3 of 10$60Standard108813251114
23WGPO Word Cup - Main EventAurora, CO2013/08/03 - 2013/08/071613110D6 of 22$20Standard111410461085
24GRITS IVSurfside Beach, SC2013/09/23 - 2013/09/2888000A8 of 16$65Standard108512651125
25Fall Color-ado Late BirdDurango, CO2013/10/2713000A10 of 14-Standard11049311095
26Fall Color-ado Main EventDurango, CO2013/10/26 - 2013/10/2776000C6 of 10-Standard112510121104
27Loveland Scrabble TourneyLoveland, CO2013/11/0953000B4 of 13$29Standard109511001096
28Twin Cities RedeyeBloomington, MN2014/01/18 - 2014/01/192112000C2 of 12$275Standard109611391110
29Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZ2014/02/15 - 2014/02/171010000D19 of 32-Standard11109531068
30West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NV2014/07/04 - 2014/07/061010000B10 of 18$50Standard106811351084
31Denver Area TourneyBroomfield, CO2014/07/1362000B2 of 10$50Standard108413211111
322014 WGPO Word Cup Main EventMadison, WI2014/08/02 - 2014/08/06922000C31 of 32-Standard11118641020
33GRITS VSurfside Beach, SC2014/09/22 - 2014/09/2797000A5 of 16$55Standard102012681077
34Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CO2014/11/0844000B6 of 13-Standard107710381075
3510th Annual Redeye TournamentBloomington, MN2015/01/17 - 2015/01/181021000B13 of 16-Standard1075832987
36Phoenix 2015 Main EventPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by Hilt2015/02/14 - 2015/02/16128000D3 of 14$160Standard987928988
37Madison Summer Tourney TWLMadison, WI2015/07/10 - 2015/07/12126000B3 of 24$190Standard98813641084
38Word Cup V - Main EventPortland, OR2015/09/05 - 2015/09/092011000C8 of 28$20Standard108411001095
39GRITS VIGarden City Beach, SC2015/09/28 - 2015/10/0388000A8 of 16-Standard109511571109
40Bloomington Fall TourneyBloomington, MN2015/11/21 - 2015/11/22112000C1 of 14$215Standard110914391156
41PINKEYE TournamentBloomington, MN2016/01/16 - 2016/01/1797000B3 of 14$175Standard115613031193
42Phoenix 2016 Early BirdDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- Tempe2016/02/1271000C1 of 8$150Standard119318411282
43Phoenix 2016 Main EventDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- Tempe2016/02/13 - 2016/02/15118100C7 of 20-Standard128212621278
44Northern Colorado & Denver/Boulder Scrabble TournamentLoveland, Co2016/05/2135000A8 of 10-Standard127812231272
45Cineast Women's TournamentCastine, Maine2016/06/19 - 2016/06/21511000A14 of 16-Standard12729151198
46Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZ2016/07/30 - 2016/08/031516000B24 of 36-Standard119812971242
47GRITS VIIGarden City Beach, SC2016/09/26 - 2016/09/30107100A7 of 18-Standard124212211238
48ScrabbleQuerqueAlbuquerque, NM2016/10/22 - 2016/10/2376000B8 of 18-Standard123812181234
49NCSC Denver Boulder TourneyLoveland Tournament2017/01/1452010B2 of 7$39Standard123413811248
50Word Cup 2017 - Springfield, MASpringfield Monarch Place Hotel, MA2017/07/29 - 2017/08/021119010B29 of 34-Standard124810121154
51GRITS VIIIGarden City Beach, SC2017/09/25 - 2017/09/3086000A4 of 14-Standard115412381171
52Grand Canyon 36Grand Canyon South Rim2017/11/09 - 2017/11/12107000D11 of 27-Standard117111551169
53Monumental Scrabble TournamentMonument, Co2017/11/1815020B7 of 7$20Standard11695961123
5434th Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZ2018/02/17 - 2018/02/19812000C18 of 20-Standard112310261094
55Scrabble and Baseball Road TripLancaster PA2018/04/19 - 2018/04/22611000A8 of 12-Standard109411111098
56Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2018/05/0553000C2 of 8-Standard109810721096
57Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2018/05/0642000C1 of 6-Standard109613531120
58Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CO2018/05/1962000B2 of 10$61Standard112014681160
59Castine Main EventCastine, Maine2018/06/16 - 2018/06/1777000A4 of 6-Standard116011641161
60Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CA2018/07/07 - 2018/07/111219000B24 of 32-Standard116111781173
61Scrabble Campout - SaturdayRegina, NM2018/08/0443100A4 of 10$40Standard117314701202
62Scrabble Campout - SundayRegina, NM2018/08/0544000A4 of 10-Standard120211671199
63Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland2018/09/2980000B1 of 8$80Standard119920261292
64Monumental ScrabbleMonument, CO2018/11/1744000B7 of 10-Standard129211851279
65Western Caribbean ScrabbleFort Lauderdale, FL2019/01/20 - 2019/01/2744000A6 of 10-Standard127912151272
6635th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZ2019/02/16 - 2019/02/18614000B20 of 20-Standard127210711220
67GreeneyeBloomington, MN2019/03/16 - 2019/03/17158000B5 of 18-Standard122012431216
68Four Corners ScrabbleDurango, CO2019/05/04 - 2019/05/0594000B2 of 12$140Standard121614261252
69Third Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripLouisville, KY2019/05/18 - 2019/05/21612000A8 of 10-Standard125210751217
70Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FL2019/07/20 - 2019/07/241813000B9 of 32-Standard121714121303
71Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CO2019/09/2862000B2 of 12$66Standard130314391318
72WGPO Returns to Reno -- Early BirdReno, NV2019/10/1830100C1 of 4$75Standard131819421360
73WGPO Returns to RenoReno, NV2019/10/19 - 2019/10/20410000B11 of 12$25Standard136010481296
74Monumental Scrabble 2019Colorado Springs, CO2019/11/2335000B7 of 8-Standard12969511255
7536th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZ2020/01/18 - 2020/01/20137000B3 of 18$250Standard125513691285
7629th Annual Silicon Valley ClassicCampbell CA2021/08/13 - 2021/08/15108000B4 of 10-Standard128512721284
774th Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripGeneva-on-the-Lake OH2021/09/13 - 2021/09/161012000A7 of 12-Standard128413971313
7837th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZ2022/02/19 - 2022/02/21713000B24 of 28-Standard131310761251
795th Annual Scrabble and Baseball Road TripSturbridge MA2022/06/19 - 2022/06/22814000A13 of 14-Standard125111771233
80Mini-Maine TourneyCastine, ME2022/06/2423000A4 of 6-Standard123311451227
81WGPO Midwest Regional -- TWLMadison WI2022/11/11 - 2022/11/13116000C4 of 18$300Standard122712211226
82WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- NWLPhoenix AZ2023/02/18 - 2023/02/20614000B19 of 20-Standard122610281174
83Greeneye 4 - NWLMinneapolis, MN2023/03/18 - 2023/03/19615020B10 of 11-Standard11748031076
84Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IA2023/05/1325000B6 of 8-Standard10768091049
85Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IA2023/05/1431110C2 of 7$40Standard104912951067
86Big Island WGPO Tour - Main EventKailua-Kona2023/06/19 - 2023/06/2159000A8 of 12$35Standard106712431096
87Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 2Naalehu, HI2023/06/2414000A6 of 6-Standard10969451089
88Word Cup 2023 - NWLAlbany, NY2023/06/30 - 2023/07/041615000C35 of 95$20Standard108910861093
89River City Wrangle - TWLOmaha, NE2023/10/14 - 2023/10/1557010B12 of 15-Standard109310231080
902nd Annual Midwest MajorMadison, WI2023/11/03 - 2023/11/05116000C4 of 18$300Standard111011161111
91Crescent City CupNew Orleans, LA2024/01/13 - 2024/01/15712010B34 of 41-Standard11117951037