The 50 Games Invitational -- Albuquerque, NM -- 2022/08/12 to 2022/08/16

Division A
Rank  Name              OldR   Pnts   Sprd  PerfR  NewR  Place  Perf.  Other   R1           R2           R3           R4           R5           R6           R7           R8           R9           R10          R11          R12          R13          R14          R15          R16          R17          R18          R19          R20          R21          R22          R23          R24          R25          R26          R27          R28          R29          R30          R31          R32          R33          R34          R35          R36          R37          R38          R39          R40          R41          R42          R43          R44          R45          R46          R47          R48          R49          R50          R51          R52         
  1.  Odom, Lisa        1876   40.5   2504   1892  1879   $500      -      -   W3:433-368   L3:306-345   W3:431-384   W3:436-400   L5:439-476   W5:496-366   W2:444-373   W2:455-358   W8:347-341   W8:461-333   W9:435-360   L9:394-398  W13:414-317  W13:503-317  W12:489-392  W12:387-305   W6:419-363   W6:442-340  W10:519-436  W10:395-349  W10:367-324  W10:509-402  L11:367-412  L11:359-423   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L7:365-392   W7:468-310   L5:336-403   W5:396-352  W12:417-332  W12:493-362   W4:393-372   W4:417-373  W13:411-327  W13:362-331   L9:376-448   L9:346-384   W7:448-386   W7:469-430   W6:418-357   L6:372-466   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W11:488-326  W11:467-286   T2:381-381   W2:415-325   W4:446-420   W4:465-399   W8:368-346   L8:351-421
  2.  Baron, Mike       1816   35.5   1641   1750  1776   $300      -      -   W9:470-339   W9:435-427   W9:440-337   W9:467-330   L8:358-369   W8:465-379   L1:373-444   L1:358-455  W12:478-351  W12:408-296  L11:367-416  W11:491-346   L6:414-511   L6:260-536   W7:385-365   W7:493-347   L3:338-562   W3:469-392   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W10:403-381  L10:377-391   W4:458-342   L4:358-437  W13:450-283  W13:440-294   W8:416-332   W8:536-358   L7:377-455   W7:442-364   W5:435-335   W5:440-282   W6:413-365   L6:375-464  W11:414-355  W11:474-263  L13:330-436  W13:408-301   W3:387-377   W3:522-321   L4:302-547   W4:443-371  W10:448-417  W10:474-317   T1:381-381   L1:325-415   W5:423-382   L5:365-393  L12:285-431  W12:388-325
  3.  Pellinen, Steve   1624   35.0   1700   1731  1666   $270      -      -   L1:368-433   W1:345-306   L1:384-431   L1:400-436  W13:410-362  W13:422-391   W5:447-397   L5:305-487  W10:376-370  W10:410-407   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W4:492-353   W4:390-324  W11:395-392  W11:482-322   W2:562-338   L2:392-469   L9:322-394   W9:447-332   W9:471-438   W9:442-394   W6:480-351   W6:492-387   L7:306-357   W7:457-439  W12:447-329  W12:511-318  W13:512-258  W13:400-235  L11:344-455  W11:448-274   W8:479-374   L8:383-440   L4:350-401   L4:302-469   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W12:458-312  L12:364-480   L2:377-387   L2:321-522   L7:409-471   W7:480-424   W6:437-332   L6:332-338   L5:345-389   W5:378-372   W8:401-363   W8:488-296  W10:412-364  W10:397-359
  4.  Schultz, Wallace  1690   34.0   2336   1705  1693   $250      -    $20  W12:419-383  W12:400-306  L12:366-481  W12:487-333   L7:373-429   W7:489-327   L6:385-422   W6:439-405   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W8:429-380   W8:546-336   L3:353-492   L3:324-390   W5:406-315   L5:390-420  W10:445-378  W10:422-386  W13:396-319  W13:476-260  W13:521-311  W13:496-397   W9:607-304   W9:404-367   L2:342-458   W2:437-358  W11:482-402  W11:407-401   L7:360-463   W7:457-384   W5:461-439   L5:396-464   L1:372-393   L1:373-417   W3:401-350   W3:469-302   W8:464-378   L8:332-446  W11:412-365  W11:572-244  W10:421-379  L10:346-393   W2:547-302   L2:371-443   W9:429-398   L9:369-371   L6:437-452   W6:435-294   L1:420-446   L1:399-465   B0:050-000   B0:050-000
  5.  Pistol, Howard    1646   34.0   1649   1698  1669      -      -      -   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W1:476-439   L1:366-496   L3:397-447   W3:487-305  W13:508-291  W13:415-399   W7:366-341   W7:493-408  W10:463-369  W10:493-315   L4:315-406   W4:420-390   L9:358-372   L9:342-379  W11:450-402  L11:373-443  W11:548-304  W11:432-310  W12:418-408  W12:401-389   L6:411-432   W6:405-365   W8:429-363   L8:387-398   W1:403-336   L1:352-396   L4:439-461   W4:464-396   L2:335-435   L2:282-440  W10:426-312  L10:284-429   L7:388-431   W7:367-282   W8:443-309   L8:351-466   W9:445-341   W9:473-336   L6:355-455   W6:438-342  W12:446-410  W12:449-424   W3:389-345   L3:372-378   L2:382-423   W2:393-365  W13:441-266  W13:408-280
  6.  Johnson, Mike     1687   32.0   1560   1656  1678      -      -      -  W10:450-334  L10:387-510  L10:296-388  W10:431-333  W11:438-374  W11:404-389   W4:422-385   L4:405-439   W9:459-269   L9:395-446  W13:549-343  W13:553-245   W2:511-414   W2:536-260   L8:350-395   L8:332-391   L1:363-419   L1:340-442  W12:469-316  L12:370-394  W12:429-314  W12:458-299   L3:351-480   L3:387-492   W5:432-411   L5:365-405   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  L11:352-437  L11:352-441   W8:462-366   W8:472-343   W7:391-386   L7:387-402   L2:365-413   W2:464-375  W13:406-325  W13:409-367   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L1:357-418   W1:466-372   W5:455-355   L5:342-438   L3:332-437   W3:338-332   W4:452-437   L4:294-435   W7:411-402   W7:456-318   W9:432-379   W9:525-377
  7.  Levin, Robin      1606   27.0   -415   1492  1541      -      -      -  W13:419-357  W13:360-340  W13:431-392  W13:362-308   W4:429-373   L4:327-489  W10:445-378  W10:376-362  W11:433-268  L11:300-409   L5:341-366   L5:408-493   L9:360-483   W9:380-346   L2:365-385   L2:347-493  W12:369-365  W12:489-293   L8:305-407   W8:373-359   L8:302-406   L8:312-424   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W3:357-306   L3:439-457   W1:392-365   L1:310-468   W4:463-360   L4:384-457   W2:455-377   L2:364-442   L6:386-391   W6:402-387   L9:344-345   L9:390-417   W5:431-388   L5:282-367   L1:386-448   L1:430-469  W12:408-391  L12:348-378   W3:471-409   L3:424-480   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W10:386-385  L10:343-384   L6:402-411   L6:318-456  W11:355-353  W11:372-303
  8.  Chapman, Laraine  1523   26.0   -130   1465  1495      -      -      -  W11:444-362  L11:405-427  L11:407-435  L11:352-435   W2:369-358   L2:379-465   L9:398-417   W9:473-380   L1:341-347   L1:333-461   L4:380-429   L4:336-546  W12:363-346  W12:454-241   W6:395-350   W6:391-332   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W7:407-305   L7:359-373   W7:406-302   W7:424-312  L13:303-427  W13:439-321  W10:443-394  L10:378-489   L5:363-429   W5:398-387   L2:332-416   L2:358-536   L6:366-462   L6:343-472   L3:374-479   W3:440-383  W12:470-442  W12:426-354   L4:378-464   W4:446-332   L5:309-443   W5:466-351   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  L10:372-452  L10:351-385  W13:489-361  W13:469-279   L9:359-426   W9:389-318   L3:363-401   L3:296-488   L1:346-368   W1:421-351
  9.  Mancel, Nancee    1384   26.0   -748   1481  1432      -   $250      -   L2:339-470   L2:427-435   L2:337-440   L2:330-467  W12:384-331  L12:321-393   W8:417-398   L8:380-473   L6:269-459   W6:446-395   L1:360-435   W1:398-394   W7:483-360   L7:346-380   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W5:372-358   W5:379-342   W3:394-322   L3:332-447   L3:438-471   L3:394-442   L4:304-607   L4:367-404  W11:372-369  L11:340-350  L10:372-464  L10:359-467  W12:480-298  W12:444-280   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W13:414-340  W13:398-354   W7:345-344   W7:417-390   W1:448-376   W1:384-346  L10:261-445  L10:378-384   L5:341-445   L5:336-473  W11:357-348  W11:535-330   L4:398-429   W4:371-369   W8:426-359   L8:318-389  L13:372-440  W13:440-258   L6:379-432   L6:377-525
 10.  Postal, Dave      1513   25.0    549   1426  1501      -      -      -   L6:334-450   W6:510-387   W6:388-296   L6:333-431   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L7:378-445   L7:362-376   L3:370-376   L3:407-410  L12:372-401  L12:350-431   L5:369-463   L5:315-493  W13:439-379  W13:467-261   L4:378-445   L4:386-422   L1:436-519   L1:349-395   L1:324-367   L1:402-509   L2:381-403   W2:391-377   L8:394-443   W8:489-378   W9:464-372   W9:467-359   B0:050-000   B0:050-000  W13:519-276  W13:408-341  W11:437-359  L11:341-411   L5:312-426   W5:429-284  W12:449-344  L12:326-414   W9:445-261   W9:384-378   L4:379-421   W4:393-346   W8:452-372   W8:385-351   L2:417-448   L2:317-474   L7:385-386   W7:384-343  W11:435-247  W11:387-334   L3:364-412   L3:359-397
 11.  Deutsch, Pamina   1231   22.0  -1608   1298  1274      -      -    $20   L8:362-444   W8:427-405   W8:435-407   W8:435-352   L6:374-438   L6:389-404  L12:322-348  W12:471-314   L7:268-433   W7:409-300   W2:416-367   L2:346-491   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L3:392-395   L3:322-482  W13:411-356  W13:363-345   L5:402-450   W5:443-373   L5:304-548   L5:310-432   W1:412-367   W1:423-359   L9:369-372   W9:350-340   L4:402-482   L4:401-407   W6:437-352   W6:441-352   W3:455-344   L3:274-448  L10:359-437  W10:411-341   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L2:355-414   L2:263-474   L4:365-412   L4:244-572  W13:466-377  L13:367-446   L9:348-357   L9:330-535   L1:326-488   L1:286-467  L12:325-333  W12:400-346  L10:247-435  L10:334-387   L7:353-355   L7:303-372
 12.  Melvin, Cheryl    1288   18.0  -2059   1184  1270      -      -    $20   L4:383-419   L4:306-400   W4:481-366   L4:333-487   L9:331-384   W9:393-321  W11:348-322  L11:314-471   L2:351-478   L2:296-408  W10:401-372  W10:431-350   L8:346-363   L8:241-454   L1:392-489   L1:305-387   L7:365-369   L7:293-489   L6:316-469   W6:394-370   L6:314-429   L6:299-458   L5:408-418   L5:389-401  L13:325-332  W13:331-310   L3:329-447   L3:318-511   L9:298-480   L9:280-444   L1:332-417   L1:362-493   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L8:442-470   L8:354-426  L10:344-449  W10:414-326   L3:312-458   W3:480-364   L7:391-408   W7:378-348  W13:433-428  W13:478-281   L5:410-446   L5:424-449  W11:333-325  L11:346-400   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W2:431-285   L2:325-388
 13.  Baggett, Deborah   830    9.0  -4379    870   841      -      -    $20   L7:357-419   L7:340-360   L7:392-431   L7:308-362   L3:362-410   L3:391-422   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   L5:291-508   L5:399-415   L6:343-549   L6:245-553   L1:317-414   L1:317-503  L10:379-439  L10:261-467  L11:356-411  L11:345-363   L4:319-396   L4:260-476   L4:311-521   L4:397-496   W8:427-303   L8:321-439  W12:332-325  L12:310-331   L2:283-450   L2:294-440   L3:258-512   L3:235-400  L10:276-519  L10:341-408   L9:340-414   L9:354-398   L1:327-411   L1:331-362   L6:325-406   L6:367-409   W2:436-330   L2:301-408  L11:377-466  W11:446-367  L12:428-433  L12:281-478   L8:361-489   L8:279-469   B0:050-000   B0:050-000   W9:440-372   L9:258-440   L5:266-441   L5:280-408