Official WGPO 2011 Election Results

The Nominations and Elections Committee has reviewed the election results, and unanimously agreed to certify them as posted. We congratulate all of the candidates for their participation and their high standard of campaigning, and look forward to a productive period for the next two years.


Rick Wong 155 Elected to 3-year term
Stephanie Steele 143 Elected to 3-year term
Keith Hagel 124 Elected to 2-year term
Dan Pratt 56
Jeannette Kaufman 26


Steve Pellinen 151 Elected to 3-year term
Laurie Cohen 148 Elected to 3-year term
Susi Tiekert 116 Elected to 3-year term
Peggy Grant 113 Elected to 2-year term
Jeremy Cahnmann 90 Elected to 2-year term
Tobey Roland 79

Total number of members eligible for voting (Registered on or before 1/13/2011): 591
Total number of eligible members voted: 201
Percentage of eligible members voted: 34%

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Rules For Campaigning (January 2011)

Campaigning by and/or for any candidate on the ballot for WGPO office will be permitted during the election period, starting with the publication of the final ballot on January 17, 2011.

Any member in good standing is eligible to submit campaign support for any candidate, subject to the rules following. Candidates are encouraged to submit a statement containing their positions and reasons for seeking the office for which they are nominated.

Campaign material must be positive in nature, and contain no profane or negative statements. All submissions will be edited where necessary. Accepted and edited material will be posted to the WGPO website within two days of receipt

Campaign material for the member websites may be submitted by e-mail between January 17, 2011, and January 31, 2011. Submissions supporting Executive Committee candidates should be sent to Ruth Hamilton (; submissions in support of Board of Player Representative candidates should be sent to Mary Krizan ( The Nominations and Election Committee reserves the right to edit and/or reject any material deemed unacceptable for publication. Rejected material will be returned to the sender for possible revision and re-submission.

In addition to the use of WGPO sites, candidates are encouraged to use the Internet at large. Internet campaigning will be direct, using whatever mailing lists are available to the candidates, with the specific exception of the overall WGPO members list. Any Internet submission is expected to follow the rules of conduct contained in Paragraph 3 above.


Nominations are now open for the new election of officers to lead our organization, subsequent to the nullification of the December vote, which was voided due to the determination that notice of that election did not reach a majority of the membership, per the Joint Resolution published to the WGPO listserv and the member website on December 30. 2010. Any member in good standing may place nominations by e-mail or US Postal Service to any member of the Nominations and Elections Committee. They are: Dick McHugh, chairman (; Mary Krizan (; and Ruth Hamilton ( The nominating period will run from January 3, 2011 to January 16, 2011. Nominations sent by postal mail should be sent to Dick McHugh, 1402 E Parkway, Suite 1, Gatlinburg. TN 37738. All postal submissions must be postmarked NO LATER than January 10, 2011 to be accepted.

All nominations received will be acknowledged by e-mail; persons nominated by anyone other than himself or herself will be notified by e-mail, and will be placed on the list of nominees only if they accept the nomination.

All members in good standing as of January 13, 2011 are urged to participate in this election. We will be electing an Executive Committee of three members and a five-member Board of Player Representatives following the nominating period. All candidates nominated for the December election will remain nominated for this election unless they send notification that they wish to withdraw their candidacies. They are listed below.

According to our Bylaws, any member in good standing of the WGPO who is 18 years of age or older before taking office, if elected, is eligible to run for office, EXCEPT members of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Following the nomination period, the election of officers will commence on January 22, 2011, and continue through January 31, 2011. Rules for conduct of the election phase will be published prior to the beginning of voting.



Keith Hagel 100023 Maine
Rick Wong 100002 California
Stephanie Steele 100001 Minnesota
Jeannette Kaufman 100256 Arizona
Dan Pratt 100029 Virginia


Susi Tiekert 100016 Florida
Peggy Grant 100022 South Carolina
Tobey Roland 100143 Maryland
Gene Tyszka 100010 Ontario, Canada
Laurie Cohen 100058 Arizona
Joel Wapnick 100063 Quebec, Canada Withdrawn 1/2/2011
Jeremy Cahnmann 100114 Illinois
Steve Pellinen 100041 Minnesota

2011 Inaugural Word Cup

Presented by the Word Game Players’ Organization

Scrabble® Crossword Game Tournament

Location: Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E. 2nd Street, Reno, Nevada, United States


Details: Jeff Widergren ( 408-390-5839

Tournament Director: Rick Wong (

Word List: Official Club & Tournament Word List.

Early Bird: Friday July 1st 9:00AM (eight games)

Main Event: Saturday July 2nd through Wednesday July 6th (35 games: 8+8+8+8+3), beginning at 9:00AM each day

Further Details to be announced.

Hotel Reservation Link